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Reminiscing Yet Onward With Prefab Modern House Updates! With, Well, Lotsa Reminiscing. But Onward.

At Green Modern Kits we finally head into fall, but first, some summer / fall prefab green home project updates!
Greetings from the off grid prefab house, the casa ti from Green Modern Kits!
It is good to be home.
After a summer of back and forth, we are all happy to be at the off grid prefab house.
Don't get me wrong, we appreciate every moment away on the bay. But it is so good to be steadily home, vs. back-and-forth! I wish magic carpets existed, because I do not enjoy any drive.
There is something calm, steady and comforting to be home at the off-grid prefab house after the frenzied summer.
Off-grid lawnmowers are always working.
 Not that summer wasn't fun.
And not that the bay is that different. We are surrounded by friends, who are family.
Even at the bay we still wave to the ISS, and it is always exciting.

Thriftin' with a friend.
Found some stuff.
Some mid-century modern stuff.
Some Knoll Bertoia stuff.

A special deep, grateful thank you to
our 150 year old guardian, protector of our family:
the grand ole RAMSHACKLE.
She really DID save us this summer, and forever.
A true lady, a gracious host.

Welp... Let's move on to our latest modern prefab house project updates, as I have not been writing much lately, due to the children's busy teen years- now filled with college tours and horse shows!

From our sister modern prefab cabin Green Cabin Kits projects, we had an update from a client building a modern prefab, the CornerHouse, in the southwest.
Modern prefab cabin, CornerHouse, from Green Cabin Kits.
"...The site itself is located in a recreation area called the 'Granite Dells', an area of exposed Precambrian bedrock which is over 1.4 billion years old. Over time, the rock has eroded to form spectacular vistas of boulders that seem to be delicately balanced into most interesting formations, which are very popular with hikers and rock climbers alike.

The uniqueness of the geography does not come without its challenges, as homes in this area often require significant engineering to account for the granite outcroppings and silty, decomposed granite soils. 

As of late, the area has also become known for its unique architecture, with several modern homes dotting its otherworldly landscape, as well as geodesic domes, cave castles and earth ships."

When undertaking this project, Justin put great deal of care into finding a design that would complement the unique beauty of the area and when he first discovered the CornerHouse plan 2013, he knew immediately it would be a perfect fit. 

Regarding our modern prefab home project outside of San Francisco, it went through... iterations.
If you recall, we made custom modifications for the client, adding lots of fun features including a roof deck on the addition, and a back balcony: 

Thus leaving our hands, further changes were made (notably the windows) and this is what was built:
(images via Google)
We have more prefab house project updates to come, notably from the Northwest, the deep south, back to the southwest... and more.

In the meantime, let's rest up and embrace being back at our off grid prefab house, the casa ti from Green Modern Kits.
I just want to curl up with a good book, start cooking stews, have a little quiet time after the frolicking rollicking summer... 
Wait. What's that noise?
Though it is good to be home, the teens DID have a great time over summer in their travels.
Hangin' with James Dean.
(If you are wondering he is second on the left...)
I returned home with gifts for sister.
(Or, as cowgirls say,
you can just punch them in the throat.)
It is now time to busy ourselves with winter.
There are still holz hausens to build, and things to be done.
Right when you think you can kick back and just busy yourself with green building...
the college tours and equestrian shows begin.
Speaking of teens and college tours, we had a great time visiting the talented, wonderful green-building architect of Green Modern Kits's casa ti, David Day, and his wonderful wife during a recent university tour!
It was SO GOOD to see old friends.
And thus, fall begins.
Stay tuned.

Summer Recipes:
(I am clearly having a craving for sweet and sour and creamy this week, no?)

This Is Either A Bad Idea Or A Really Good Idea, Fig Pasta
'Cause you have figs. And bean salad. Why not.
Make a day ahead: a delicious bean salad with fave beans (this time, kidney), minced garlic, onion, sweet and sour (ACV and brown sugar) with a tang of mustard (wasabi powder) and sea salt and let sit 24 hours.
In a pan sautee onions then add homegrown quartered figs, cherry tomatoes, some chicken sausage
Cooke penne al dente then add to pan + bean salad and stir
Top with fresh basil
If I didn't have alpha-gal I would totally add goat cheese. Sob.
P.s. It was a good idea!
Pining for Pimento Tomato Pie
Instead of the usual tomato pie, try it with pimento cheese and fresh basil! I always use oat flour for crust, it makes it more crispy. And of course we have to use vegan butter and cheese because of alpha-gal, good news: no one else has to! 😂

So butter the pie tin, make your crust (but add oregano basil thyme and sea salt to the dough), lay it out...
Now bake the crust a few minutes.
Take it out, spread just a little Dukes around, and then layer: Sliced tomatoes (ripe Romas are better than juicy beefsteaks) Minced onions Sprinkled with fresh basil Farm Dust or fave herbed salt Dollops of pimento cheese...

Pro tip: don't make it too cheesy! Focus on the tomatoes! Drain any juice from the tomatoes or it gets soggy! So often tomato pie is just very mayonnaise cheesy and it's so delicious when it's really more vegetable.
A CANAPE PLATTER! The usual cucumber sandwiches, radish canapes (all made alpha-gal safe, of course)... and...
Liverwurst With Figs
Oh my gosh SO GOOD- make chicken pate by sauteeing onions, then add chicken livers in a teeny bit of water, with tarragon and sea salt. Make sure it's done but not overdone! DRAIN any liquid. Puree with a dollop of jam in a food processor. Spread onto toasted bread, top with a quartered fig!

And of course, the usual canning / seafood / feeding lotsa teens.
Roasted peppers canned with garlic are heaven in winter...

Shrimpzzzzzzzzzzz Bubba. Just saute up diced onYON, garlic, peppers, then add yer shrimpz. Sprinkle liberally with sea salt and herbs or Farm Dust or try another herb combo you fancy. Serve on the porch with a bowl for shells, cloth napkins, and cold beer.

Or make a seafood soup with the above ingredients but add in broth, celery tomatoes and a dash of lemon...

Try making a savory / sweet garlicky bean salad
but with fresh corn and red peppers!

Homemade bread topped with mayo, chicken
tossed with a fave vinegar olive oil basil tomatoes...
And thus, with memories of a fun summer buoyed by friends...
Sailor race team parents working HARD!

...we edge into autumn, off grid, at our modern prefab home.
Being home means we're stuck in traffic, again...

Coffee with my besties!

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