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Modern Prefab House New Project On West Coast On East Coast A Hurricane At The Passive Solar Prefab

The Modified Dogtrot Mod Passive Solar Modern Prefab House in the Pacific Northwest Begins!
Passive solar modern prefab house from Green Cabin Kits: The Dogtrot Mod
This is the standard Dogtrot Mod, before modifications.
Ok now let's dig into this prefab construction project! 
Here are more pictures of our standard Dogtrot Mod modern prefab house so you can better see what the client changed:

Now THIS prefab house, a modification of our Dogtrot Mod in the Pacific Northwest, will henceforth be referred to as...

First: Wait. What happened to the Dogtrot Mod?!? 
The clients extensively changed it! 

They enclosed the breezeway to accommodate for their Northwest local conditions.
The breezeway is now a solarium!
They also changed the roofline to address snow loads / local conditions, as well as to add solar.

There is a basement!
HOWEVER, the basement is in just one area, and the rest of the Wolftrot prefab house rests upon slab. 

The clients also designed a garage to accommodate daily practical function as well as a workbench area.

We will continue on with the Wolftrot project after the hurricane!
What? Yep, on the East Coast, Hurricane Florence approaches, so y'all hunker down!

Is your area not directly in Hurricane Florence's impact and want something to do during all the hurricane's rain? Why not use that time to go through all your clothes, all your kids' clothes, try them on and if they don't fit, make a donation pile so that when this is all over, you have a bag ready for those in need. Sort bags by size.

I know my kids have been growing all summer, and in the Back To School frenzy this was a chore not yet done!

We did have a great summer.
A few videos, pictures at the end.
People ask why my blog posts have slowed.

Folks, in our family, we have entered The High School Years and they t'ain't pretty.
Not that anything bad is going on, but often, teens are NOT FUN.
They are moody, computer-y, irritating-y, angsty, emote-y beings so sometimes instead of wanting to write, which previously I enjoyed, I instead just ponder on how teens can suck the lifeforce and joy out of keep you busier than you anticipated, thus writing is not as fun, hence put on hold.

I will try to write more even though teens suck the joy out of writing and make me feel like a miserable haggard mom because I cherish these teen years, too.

If you happen to be parents of teens or have recently survived those years: CHEERS!
(And honestly, as chafing as teens can be, they really are great kids. And hardworking. And adorable.)
I feel like every day all I do is walk around screeching like this hawk I confronted after a kill.

Cheers to bay kids sailing the seas!
(Cheers to P.A. for taking these pics!)
Cheers to all you pirate parents! (And grandparents!!!)
(Thank you P.A. again!)

Cheers to spending sweaty summer days volunteering at sailing, horse, and code camps!

  Code Camp:
And horse camp after horse camp after horse camp: (We loved every second.)
Cheers To Beautiful Moments With Friends.
 Cheers to little card sharks from Brooklyn.
Cheers to old friends.
And thus was summer's end.
Now It's Back To The Off Grid Passive Solar Prefab House.
With Hurricane!
Alpha Gal Safe Tomato Pie
(Actually, until further notice, assume all recipes are alpha gal friendly! But of course always read and subsitute ingredients for allergies!)
Because a lot of alpha gal people also become high histamine intolerant and gluten sensitive, we avoid wheat flour and soy-based cheeses. Daiya makes an ok swiss and cheddar cheez, which I use here.
Flour: Stir together oat flour, sea salt, dried lavender, oregano and pepper, then add a non-dairy "butter" creamed in (Earth Balance is good), then a little cold water to make a dough. Spread it out on the pie tin, thin. Bake 5 min.

Remove tin, spread around a thin layer of Duke's mayo on dough.
Add thinly sliced beautifully perfectly fresh tomatoes.
Sprinkle a little minced onion, dots of mayo, pieces of swiss and cheddar, sea salt and chopped fresh basil.

Repeat layers then top with a little basil, pepper, oregano, lavender, sea salt and cheddar.
Bake with no top until it looks good, remove and add a tad more cheddar and fresh basil. Baking with no top allows it to be more savory and less soupy.

Watermelon Salad
I told my friend, "You know, I wanted a good salad that wasn't all LOOK AT ME I'M WATERMELON SALAD!" and this came out beautifully. Two thoughts: focus on a fresh salad of crisp lettuce studded with watermelon and avocado instead of I AM A WATERMELON SALAD. alpha gal, we tried to make a feta vegan equivalent and the result tastes good but totally did not taste like real feta. I realized, "Geez, we United States people really do eat a TON of cheese, why not make this a simple clean watermelon salad with no cheese for once?" So I did.
Second, why does every watermelon salad have a ton of strong cheese? With

So... tear off a bunch of crisp romaine as a layer. Remember that the succeeding layers should be lighter, it really is a great salad when it is mostly lettuce: layer minced onion, watermelon NOT IN BIG CHUNKS but the size of an olive, then avocado. Repeat. Dressing: In a bowl stir up some lime juice, apple cider vinegar or fave vinegar, honey, salt and pepper. Keep separate until ready to toss.
This salad is a perfect complement to seafood!

Roasted Cabbage And Fresh Stuff Salad With Tahini
If you like roasted brussels sprouts you will love this summer salad.
Section a cabbage so that each piece has core on it, to hold it together. In a pan, add sesame oil, and "grill" on each side (including round side). Put lid on pan and add a little water to steam it a bit. In the end it should be nicely roasted but also steamed enough so that it is cooked. Take the sections and put on a plate or whatnot to cool.

While cabbage is cooling, thickly chunk some onions and give them the same treatment.
While they are cooking, you can take the cabbage sections and cut into bite-sized chunks, discard bottom of core, and create the first layer in a pretty bowl of your salad.

Once onions are done, add them to salad as the second layer.
Cut cucumber (not sliced, but diced), add as third layer.
Cut raw corn from at least one cob, let it be pieces held together that is delicious and pretty too, and add it as the forth layer. Fifth layer is a heavy sprinkling of fresh Italian parsley.

Top with dressing of choice but what we used was DELICOUS on it- mince garlic, add tahini, lemon juice, sea salt, enough water to make it thick, whip until it's a dressing.
Salad, with tahini dressing on the side, and safe jambalaya
(Vegan chorizo actually tastes fine.)

BEST Chicken Salad EVER Inspired By Christopher's Runaway GOURMAY
In a pan sautee chicken breasts until golden on both sides, cool, shred. Add 1/2 DUKES mayo to 1/2 sour cream (vegan, duh, as we have alpha gal), stir it all together with lots of sea salt (more than you think), garlic powder, some vinegar, fresh purple grapes, currants, chopped roasted salted almonds, and lots of tarragon.

The more you stir it all together the creamier the chicken becomes. I think I kind of overload it with nuts and currants BUT NO ONE IS COMPLAININ'- I love the crunch and savory sweetness of the currants.
Deviled Deviled Canapes
Yeah I went all alpha gal safe on some of my favorite apps this summer.
For the delicious EGG SANDWICHES, boil eggs so they are still thickly gooey in the yolk but with firm whites. When you slice them, use your knife to cut then lift carefully on to a bed of 1. safe white bread with no dairy and 2. a spread made of Duke's mayo, organic safe sweet relish, sea salt, organic mustard and of course some sriracha. Sprinkle with paprika if no high histamine.

For the CUCUMBER SANDWICHES make your own vegan version of ranch with fresh ingredients, and then mix in vegan sour cream and fresh dill to spread onto safe bread and top with cucumber and Old Bay (yes Old Bay is safe!).

Heck I even made vegan pimento cheese canapes and after they were warm enough no one noticed it wasn't real cheese. Key is getting a good vegan cheddar, making sure it's warm and not cold, spicing up everything as usual like I do with great homemade roasted red pepper canned in garlic vinegar, sea salt, safe worchestercher, sriarcha... careful to gently fold it all and not mash it because vegan cheese doesn't hold up so well.

Reading Club:
  • Young People Don't Want Construction Jobs. And That's A Problem For The Housing Market 
  • From Forbes:
    "But innovations in homebuilding are delivering more affordable, sustainable housing, and that could relieve some of the pressure in areas where homes are hard to find....Prefab houses featuring design principles that save energy and reduce the homeowner’s carbon footprint can be a great alternative to traditional housing.

    The new tax law won’t immediately affect federal tax credits that were already in place to encourage the use of solar electric or solar water-heating systems in qualified residences or new homes. Homeowners can still take advantage of this credit when they purchase a new home with eligible renewable energy features. Currently, homebuyers can get up to a 30% federal tax credit for solar systems if they take up residence by December 31, 2019. After that, the tax credit is reduced gradually until January 1, 2022."
  • Amazon Isn't Paying Its Electric Bills. You Might Be.
    "Virginia’s largest utility, Dominion Energy Inc., had planned to run an aboveground power line straight through a Civil War battlefield—and Thomas’s property—to reach a nearby data center run by an Inc. subsidiary. After three years of petitions and protests in front of the gated data center, skirmishes punctuated by barking dogs and shooing police, Dominion agreed to bury that part of the line along a nearby highway, at an estimated cost of $172 million.

    Within a month, however, the utility and state legislators had passed on the cost to Thomas and her fellow Virginians. The state’s House of Delegates approved Dominion’s proposal to raise the money needed for the Amazon line with an as-yet-unannounced monthly fee."

  • Hog Farmers Scramble To Drain Waste Pools Ahead Of Hurricane
Anyhoo, I end this with lots... and LOTS... and LOTTTTTTTTSSSSSS of pictures.
It was a great summer. 

My pet skink who lives in the kitchen.
Oh. You don't believe me, do you. 
Check it out: Harold can even do tricks!

Yeah, I know, it's never the same as the real thing...

Badminton referee.

Race team!

He is clearly excited about his "Casati" bike jersey from Italy.
Remember what I was saying about the teen years?
Want examples of how, uh, trying teens can be?
Well, there was this:
(PSA to fat lazy pool squirrels: FARM KIDS ARE FAST!)
"Hey Teen! We got you a PRESENT!" And thus we gifted him a 1950s (60s?) lawn mower purchased from a dear friend, Mr. L. We are fans of pushmowers, yes, but on the bay with an acre they are not efficient.

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