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Off Grid Prefab House Has A New Prefab House Project, Seasonal Projects, And New Projects. With Moomins And Turkey Hunting.

Oh heyyyyyyyyy, modern prefab house enthusiasts! I've been quiet, because at this time of year at the modern off grid prefab we are busy with new projects, back and forth to the bay sailing, and... seasonal projects! But I do have a new prefab project to announce. 

But first... our homestead projects continue at our own prefab house.
Her first engineering and project management experience!
Of course it is for her horses.
She does.
He haz stick.

There are ALWAYS seasonal chores...

I do have news:
There Will Be A Modern Prefab Cabin Built From Our Line Of Modern Prefab Houses, Stay Tuned!
What can I tell you for now? 
A Dogtrot Mod modern cabin will be built on the West Coast, in the north. 

To adapt to the Pacific Northwest, the roofline will change, as well as some other details.
After I ask permission of the client, I can say more, but they are *super interesting* for many reasons- their expertise, understanding of SIP (structural insulated panels), worldliness, the future prefab house's modifications and lot placement... 

In The Meantime, I Am Back And Forth Between Our Off Grid Prefab House And The Bay!
There hasn't been much to say because it has just been a very rainy *very* wet spring and start to summer. Hence I haven't had much to say because, well, IT HAS JUST BEEN RAINING.
Remember "the hole" Teen 1 dug? It's full.
No more dreams of root cellars...!

I'm sick of these rain pictures! We read lots of books, okay?!?

Let's see some other moments.

Off Grid Permaculture Project: Hugelkultur
Permaculture Hugelkultur in the beginning...
I have been so impressed with hugelkultur. Before we bought the land, it was used for tobacco and corn, not great for the soil to say the least. AND it's on the top of the highest point in the county. For YEARS after growing up with a great soil farm, after having thriving city food gardens, it was a disappointing shock to struggle to grow anything on our land (and the back-and-forth to the bay we do during summer didn't help!).

Just in the weeks since planting I can see how thriving things are now in the hugelkultur. Yes we have had tons of rain but do note I have not watered at all and even on the rare weeks we didn't have rain you could just sense the soil's moisture. I have been extremely pleased.
Looks great despite the neglect of our back and forth!!!

Ohhhhhhh the rain. Ohhhhhhhhhhh the moisture. Ohhhhhhh the old 150 year old farmhouse on the bay.

It made me think:
Mold In Tiny Homes (And Mildew In Old Bay Homes)
As we are back-and-forth on the bay now, I am dealing with the annual "we have a 150 year old leaky farmhouse on the bay" issues, namely: mildew. The first thing I do when I arrive on the bay is 1. air that house out then 2. wipe everything down with a mixture of water and hydrogen peroxide. This might be the year we finally climatize vs. window units.

In my research for our 150 year old house, I see that a lot of Tiny Homes also have this issue, because they do not install ERVs / HRVs (which is why I always emphasize FRESH AIR EXCHANGE for ANY energy-efficient home!)... 
So don't forget your ERVs / HRVs!!!!

On The Bay, It Was Time To Volunteer At Sailing Camp And Visit Cousins.
Coach Handsome Husband and a niece!

Cousins in the kitchen, making berry pie!

We are also volunteering at a horse camp!

All this volunteering makes me yearn for a long hot bath at the end of the day. Soaking Tub
Even though it's summer, I'm still thinking of winter. One of the things we miss, conserving water and living off grid, is a deep steamy soak. Here are a few links and ideas for a DIY Japanese soaking tub I'd like to build this fall. Our Amish neighbors even have a cedar sawmill so getting local cedar for this project will be easy! 
Because every now and then it would be nice to have an awesome winter bath without wasting water.

This spring my dad came out to turkey hunt. 
Here I am talkin' trash to turkeys in my pj's without even trying:
My dad left the HRV running (easy to do when you don't know that bathroom switch turns on and off the HRV, which we run several times a day for about 30 minutes in winter or when the windows are closed to keep out the summer heat), I found myself putting up ANOTHER sign for those who don't know our off grid ways.
On one hand, I'm trying to be helpful and prevent damage to our modern prefab house's solar system. On the other, I feel like I'm turning into the Park Keeper in Finn Family Moomintroll, gah!

If you've never read the story about Snuffkin and the Park Keeper, do. In fact, read everything Moomin. This chapter is one of my favorites, I hope you can click, zoom in and enjoy.

Another one of my signs in the prefab house...

  • Alpha Gal Non-Dairy No Nut Parmesan: Cook garbanzo beans until ALMOST tender. Drain, then stir around in the pot until they're not only dry but "roasted." Cool, then in a food processor add the beans, sea salt, garlic powder and nutritional yeast (all to taste- start with an amount you feel good, blend, taste, add more salt and garlic or whatever until it tastes like parmesan to you!), pulse until it looks real. Keeps a few days or you could be smart and keep in the freezer, take out as needed.
Have a great week.
The evening tussle.

 She's southern so of course she's curtsying on her horse...
Meet Buddy the fox, who steals my socks.

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