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Modern Off Grid Prefab House Embraces Snow When Passive Solar And Energy Efficiency Keeps Us Cozy

There I was, living off grid in the modern prefab house, with an approaching snowstorm. My wrist was in a splint, and Handsome Husband was out of town.

Frigid winters with weather and injuries are supposed to be HARD when you live in a modern off grid prefab house, right? SNOW BEGAN TO FALL.

Even in the dark it was too exciting to stay indoors, we bundled up and headed out into the blizzard!

I woke at dawn, and rejoiced in its blue light that everywhere I looked was white.
We were living in a snow globe!
Everyone was so excited!

Outside might have been blustery and cold, but inside was happy, calm, relaxed, and very, very warm!
In the prefab, with the cook stove out all night, we still awake to comfortable temperatures even though it's frigid outside. I got the cook stove going, and waited comfortably for the coffee to brew.
Indoors with no heat on overnight,
we still awoke to comfortable temperatures
even if it was frigid outdoors.

Because my wrist is injured and an epidemic of the flu going around, I made sure to bring in plenty of wood beforehand so I would not *have* to go outside if I didn't want to... but who are we kidding, we wanted to be outdoors playing in the snow!!!
Off Grid Tips Made To Work In Weather
I am always thinking about how to make living off grid in the prefab house easy for all life stages, especially as we age.  Here's a tip that's almost so silly to even mention but without these tools my life would be much harder if I were eighty and trying to do all this myself: I know I've mentioned using a simple garden wagon for lugging firewood and hay. I rarely use a wagon for anything but when I do it is so easy and handy. In snow, a simple SLED you can pull, the kind you find on clearance and don't think about getting because your kids are grown, does the same thing and makes hauling anything EASY. Make sure you get the kind you can 1. pull and is 2. on the ground and with 3. a slight ridge along the edge to help things from falling off.
This one has held up to years of abuse while remaining a practical tool! It is soooo easy to haul hay and lug wood through deep snow with a simple sled like this.
Another Off Grid Tip:
Off-grid in the prefab during snow I have noticed that siting the woodshed north-to-south and on the hill works great for storing wood. Weather tends to come in from the east, so when that side is wet you just pick from the west side. Regardless, it all dries quickly as the wind whistles through, and seasons well.

Even with one arm I had fun... I do love snow.
So do they.
Pssssst: Zoom in to the next picture: yep, that's a mastiffcicle. Ew.
This is how we got our mail.
"Thanks for bringing in the mail guys,
you're a great Pony Express!"

Finally, days later we heard the telltale scrape of the snowplow on the road, so I guess we'll have to rejoin civilization eventually

Reading Club:
  • Walking or cycling changes the makeup of our gut bacteria in ways that may promote health, a study found. While intense exercise is not good for our alpha gal high histamine child, we are using walking as mental and physical therapy. I love that this article also ties in gut bacteria, because gut health is critical to healing from alpha gal and high histamine intolerance. Often they tell you to take probiotics. But walking does more.

    As one alpha gal sufferer said: "Did you know 90% of serotonin is in your gut?( Not the brain.) Knowing this, helps to better understand why good gut health is even more important! Happy bacteria, happy gut, happy healthy amounts of serotonin - HAPPY YOU!"
  • Ok this isn't reading but enjoy every second of a small town's recording the meeting of a snowy owl and fox:

Right as I began to think that maybe it might be nice to see other humans again, the sun came out, it warmed up, and the snow melted away. Back into the social herd we go. 

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