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Modern Off Grid Prefab Enjoys Net Zero In Low Temps With Flu And Bones

Passive Solar Prefab House Off Grid Loves Energy Efficiency In Winter!

"It was 67 degrees when I woke..." greeted Handsome Husband as I stumbled in to the great room for coffee. I yawned: "What was the temperature outside?" "FOURTEEN."
And thus another morning dawns in the modern off grid prefab house after an evening with no heat when, once we go to bed, the cook stove goes out.

Frigid winds whipped, and Handsome Husband kept walking around the modern prefab house remarking, "I just can't believe how COMFORTABLE it is, in here! It's just so COZY yet we are just putting on ONE log at a time! It is freaking COLD outside!!!"

We also had rain that was so hard, it was raining sideways! But in the off grid prefab house, while the rain beat angry on the roof, inside it was quiet, calm; we were warm and dry.

With the three day weekend, we planned adventures!
Everyone was FULL OF THEMSELVES with the cold!
They were ALL acting crazy! Everyone was FRESH, including the teens.

Then what I suspected was the flu arrived and started knocking at our door.
"Let me IN!"

I started eating pickled garlic with the first signs of ache. This year's flu is no joke. I think anyone who starts to ache needs to drop everything and REST.

When the aches didn't relent, I made SuperAntiFlu Tomato Soup.

SuperAntiFlu Tomato Soup
Mince loads of raw garlic and ginger. Add to a pot with about 2" of water. Dump in my general tomato-onion-garlic-with-a-leaf-of-basil pasta sauce I can every summer. Get out your handy hand mixer and puree that mess. Add lots of lime juice, sea salt, and squirts and squirts AND SQUIRTS of sriracha. Heat until it simmers on cook stove, pour into big cups, and sip.

I give this recipe every year when flu season hits... here you are, again:
Pickled Garlic: 
Peel cloves and put in a glass mason jar.
Cover with apple cider vinegar, sealed with a coffee filter or cloth with a rubber band so it can breathe.
Let sit three weeks, pour out half the liquid (makes AWESOME salad dressing mixed with oil and herbs!).
Refill the rest with local honey and let THAT sit three weeks, then it's ready to eat.

After days of rest, the flu and aches ebbed, and it never got worse, never got to the point of what you think of as the flu being! But it was in my bones. I rested and sipped SuperAntiFlu Soup and ate garlic garlic garlic. I have noticed this phenomenon- maybe when we all feel like we're getting something if we focus more on self care / prevention of a virus taking hold vs. struggling through the workday?

It's a luxury to think like that I know, but can you and your community really afford an epidemic?
As I mused on wellness, my mind wandered... I don't remember an exact moment or how it happened, I mean, we were all gently having a quiet day taking care of ourselves but suddenly I was in excruciating pain.
I: "Dang I am in PAIN!"
Handsome Husband: "Um, there's a bone sticking out of you..."

A rushed trip to the Orthopedic Surgeon later, this is what I know: basically, a bone in my wrist's joint has worn down and is no longer smooth and round so somehow in a freak accident it SNAGGED on another bone or muscle and was then OUT. It's back in now, I am in a splint, I can't button nor unbutton my jeans or wash dishes or twist newspaper to start a fire so yes let this sink in: Handsome Husband is in DC and I AM NOW OFF GRID WITH ONE ARM.

Wish me luck.
And snow arrives.
Shake yer tailfeathers, y'all.

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