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Modern Prefab House Leaves Off Grid Life For Parties, Parties, Parties. Whew!

The Off Grid Prefab Modern House Is Uneventful This Fall.

As usual, in the off grid prefab with no heat, with no cook stove going, it goes down into the mid-thirties yet we awake in the upper 60s indoors- usually 68/69, so still have no need for heat.

It's been a pleasant few weeks, everyone has their routine, school and work are going well, the animals are happy.
Guinea bossing the off grid lawnmower.

For the first time, we aren't frantically finishing critical off grid projects or farm work- we have two winters' worth of firewood, stacked; our livestock well and rainwater collection system work fine, thanks to last week's rains the cistern is full, in recent years we now have an energy efficient but regular flushing toilet so there is no longer composting toilet maintenance or issues in a tight envelope house, everything works, the only "finishing" of the prefab we need to do is finish covering little still-undone parts of the interior walls...

I just doomed us, didn't I. Ok folks, note that this is when, just by typing that we have nothing to do, I made something expensive break!
"GREAT mom, didja have to type that?"

So. What are your thoughts on daylight savings time?
Seasons change, so does daylight.
So excited my camellia has finally
grown big enough to bloom!

I think that many of us eat with the seasons, why not have our daily rhythm adjust with the seasons? I do know that in summer I wake at dawn, immediately. Yet now, I sleep in slightly, my bed is too cozy to leap into the dark! Our chores change. In summer everything is done at dawn and dusk, even riding. In winter, we're outdoors midday through the afternoon. Maybe being in the country I just notice it more. But I'm very okay with my schedule changing as the seasons progress, it makes sense to me.

My Amish friends do NOT do daylight savings. So now our schedules match up again, and twelve is now twelve, and not eleven for us and twelve for them. That is always important to note because you always want to visit the hour BEFORE lunch and not during, as the guys come in from the field to quickly eat then.

Sometimes people wonder how we can live so happily in the middle of nowhere with "nothing to do"-  if you read here at all, the people are great and we are always busy! Albeit scarce, our friends here rock! Every day I wake here I am grateful.

However. Sometimes a girl just gets an itch and needs to party. Yep, we did THREE PARTIES in THREE DAYS this weekend... so I'm not totally feral yet.

First, a ball for the Children's Hospital, where our daughter goes.
A bunch of our sailing friends were also involved!
This friend did all the Chihuly creations
but I sadly did not get a picture!
Volunteers worked so hard to create rooms full of recreated famous works of art, from the classic impressionists to contemporary favorites like Chihuly and Banksy and...
(Check out the Starry Night room...)

Imagine my delight when, next to a "Banksy," I saw...

It was a joyous evening with many old friends.
Art (and artists) was everywhere!
(How adorable is this-
 a friend's children were "french artists!")
Even Bob Ross was hanging out in the ladies' bathroom! He was happy to give us lots of art advice! (He says we need to work on our trees.)
Now that party should have been enough to keep me from going feral for at least another year, but instead, we woke early and headed to the bay so the boys could race with the C's, AND ANOTHER PARTY!
The Captain

Fifteen bushels of oysters raw, steamed, Rockefellered and all whatnot, good friends, and a slew of delicious dishes- now THAT's an oyster roast! ❤️
I love this tree.
This tree and I have been friends my entire life!

We finished our socialization with friends and a large vat o' Brunswick stew the third day. For y'all who are not southern, this is a perfect autumn dish to serve on a chilly day...
What a fun weekend in the city.
However: unloading cars never looks like this in the city...

I love city visits, but nothing beats the quiet comfort of the offgrid prefab in the country. 💛
I just told an Amish friend, "Well that was fun, but I think I'm good on seeing other humans for a long while..."
; )

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