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At The Off Grid Modern Prefab House, Drought, Harvest Moons And Sailors Visit

Passive solar off grid prefab house surrounded by dry land.

At the modern off grid prefab house we have had an extremely, concernedly, dry autumn.

The earth is hard as granite, the pasture crackles under your feet. You can follow a car down the drive by the gritty yellow trails that billow from the wheels. What was lush grass is now standing scrub.
The off grid prefab's water cistern is 1/3 full... we are hoping for rain!

The harvest moon rose, with no relief.
With the strong lunar pull and bright nights, I only lightly napped the day before, of, and after the full moon.
Pfffft harvest moon, IT'S A CORNBREAD MOON, Y'ALL.
Mastiffs playing in the moonlight.

Still playing...

EVERYONE's playing in the dark.

Nature is so full of beauty...
I love walking, and the things I see on a walk. While out and about this week, we came across beauty, in this case, a stunning tiger moth:
I thought how cool it would be to have a gown like this...

Great design mimics nature. Check out this cool algae-filled chandelier, it really is gorgeous:
"Called the Exhale Chandelier, the design consists of custom-made glass 'leaves' that are populated with green algae, which absorb carbon dioxide from the air, while simultaneously providing extra oxygen for you to breathe.
...the designer-engineer is exploring how synthetic biology, biomimicry and biomaterials might come together to help solve the sustainability crisis."

At week's end, we had the German sailors visit us in the modern prefab house!
It was nice to have Deltaville sailing friends visit us in the foothills before they continue their world journey.
For those who enjoy following sailors' travels, here is their route.
They put their boat back in next week, then they go down the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway (so jealous), to St. Augustine (very jealous) to finish waiting out hurricane season, then on to the Bahamas (super jealous), with Christmas in Jamaica (I'M ON MY WAY!)!

Our sailor friends enjoyed seeing the off grid modern prefab house in person, checking out our off grid systems (and comparing it to their boat's off grid systems), exploring the area, and trying our southern traditional food one serves this time of year, brunswick stew, simmered for hours in a vat at the local church, sold to raise money for a roof!
Brunswick stew made for a fundraiser is always the best.

While showing the sailors nearby Farmville, Nephew 3 called.
"I'm BORED in the CITY, can I come out?"
I am not a fan of dirt bikes, but they are.

Zena told him to wear a helmet.

For breakfast the next day, we had backyard eggs, Amish cinnamon buns, and savory items like toast with pimento cheese and even tomatoes from the Amish auction with a dash of balsamic. SO GOOD...

I can't *believe* that last week, our chicken-chasing, snake-catching, donkey-napping, standing-on-his-horse-riding, lanky-leg-running, sailboat-tipping, feral-animal-taming, wildlife-saving, potato-cannon-building CITY KID turned FIFTEEN!
Happy birthday, kid.

P.s. I just love this spoon lady. Thanks to my friend Scott for passing it on!
Hope you enjoy, for a good start to your week:

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