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Passive Solar Off Grid Prefab House, Returned!

Back at the off grid passive solar prefab house!
I know I'm home because I'm packing a hunting knife, mace, mastiff, and air horn for a walk, lol.
(And often, a gun...)
What a mess.

In summer, we always go back... and forth.
But for us, the sailing season is over so no more back and forth to the bay.
One last regatta! Pip 1 as rail meat.

We are finally home.
Got the band back together!

You're not living until you return to your off grid prefab house and discover lightning tripped the breaker on the off grid super expensive freezer...
The off grid freezer outside the modern prefab,
airing out a few days after the initial cleaning.

It's as disgusting as you've heard. And the expense of all that carefully grown and purchased clean, organic food!

Next Steps
I assure you that we never, ever, EVAH NEVAH want this to happen again.
A little ounce of prevention, like a circuit breaker alarm app, could have saved us... oh, 800 pounds of disgusting rancid worry.

So I will be researching top apps and reporting back.

In the meantime, it is SO GOOD to be home at the off grid prefab house but because of our back-and-forth, we have a lot of catch up to do:

  • fix a tractor, again
  • mow the fields, again
  • for the first time, clean the galvalume cladding to make the modern prefab shiny again
  • and finally, REALLY finish this inside of the prefab house!
But before we dig into that, we celebrated with old and new friends two exchange students here for the year, and a wedding!
Exchange student party.

Irma Arrives
Ms. Whomever She Is survived a direct hit in Anguilla. 
Here is her home, usually welcoming and charming, boarded up.

Thankfully as Irma hit the island, she was with friends, in a concrete house.

Irma now heads up the coast, across many friends' paths.
So many questions to legitimately ask- why no efficient trains for evacuation? (Lobbyists.) 
Building codes... Flooding and climate change realities... 

Today marks another September 11th... we never forget.

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