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Passive Solar Modern Off Grid Prefab House Runs From Chores For Art And Adventure

Passive solar modern off grid prefab house. With canines.

At the passive solar modern off grid prefab house, what should have been a busy-with-work weekend ended up filled with fun. With the summer of back-and-forth over, there are still fields to mow, hay to haul, off grid systems to inspect...

Now in year nine since the off grid prefab began construction, we would like very much to truly, finally finish EVERYTHING in this prefab modern house!

Let's talk closet doors.
Until now we have made do with makeshift openings over which we hung curtains.
It's time to work on that.
So... consider:
Tambour Doors
vs. Sliding Doors
vs. Folding or Bifold Doors.

I love tambour doors. LOVE THEM love them love them. They're GORGEOUS, when appropriate. But yeah, they always seem to have a little more oomph needed to open... and fit better in smaller spaces. Here's some delicious examples of tambour in mid-century modern design:
But against the wall clad with recycled VMI basketball court floorboards, it might be a little... too much.

Sliding doors "work" but access to the items in the closet is restricted.
From HGTV:
"Installed to fold back to one or both sides, bi-folding doors are a nice alternative to sliding doors because they give you access to the full width of your closet, and only take up half as much floor space as a swinging door. But bi-folding doors also use twice the number of moving parts as sliding doors and that means twice the opportunity for binding or falling off the tracks."

I moved on to folding doors that were just simple simple simple, builder standards, without the frills:

Then I looked around the room and considered rugs.

I don't want rugs on this concrete where animals and children stomp through shedding hair and dirt and mud. Ever. Especially with the allergies we have to dust mites, dust, hair...
Why not do MARMOLEUM for "rugs" instead?

From Green Building Supply:
How is it made?
All natural ingredients:
This is the rug I made
for underneath the white
dining table.

  • linseed and or tall oil
  • limestone
  • tree rosin
  • wood flour
  • natural mineral pigments
  • jute
  • USDA-certified bio-based product
  • SMART-certified
  • Allergy and Asthma Friendly-certified
  • Pre-sealed with Topshield2
  • Warranted for 25 years residential and 5 years commercial
  • Has the lowest environmental footprint of any flooring
  • Carries the most independent Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)-based environmental labels and certifications
  • Offers a dynamic color palette that makes it a leader in color and design
  • Provides a 100+ year track record of performance and durability
  • Sets a benchmark unmatched in the flooring industry

Instead of building small rooms that designate how a space is used, why not use Marmoleum to delineate different spaces while leaving the room open?

This is for the cocktail table area.
It was a beautiful Indian summer week.

I went on some BEAUTIFUL walk/runs with our alpha gal / high histamine girl! We foraged persimmons, and sumac (for middle eastern food), and reflected on how a year ago this kid couldn't go for walks *anywhere* much less jog, and was living in the E.R. We are SO grateful she is *slowly* gaining strength and healing. She has good days and terrible days, but today was a good day.

How To Process Sumac

You want to pick staghorn sumac not right on roads but the edges of fields or drives (because: pollution), and right when the berries are bright and not dry and faded. Let it sit a few days to dry, then, just like processing elderberries, run your fingers through the "hand" and the berries will fall to whatever you have underneath them to catch- baking sheets work great... then gently run over them with a mortar & pestle or spice grinder to remove the skin from the seed, put through a sieve to catch the seed and separate the spice. Let the spice dry another day on the baking sheet, then store in an airtight container.

We headed in to Farmville Friday, where we discovered the art of John Parra at Longwood Center for the Visual Arts, then headed on to music, bocce and brews at Third Street Brewing, and chased the sunset home. 💛💛💛

Over the weekend, we were *supposed* to spend allllll day hauling hay but when I opened the barn, there were four angry buzzing wasps nests and tons more hay than I remembered that we got in June so... we're good on hay! I'll deal with the wasps later!

What to do with our suddenly-free time? Instead of thinkin' up more chores, we went to the Farm Girls Vintage Faire AND Appomattox Oyster & Seafood Festival!

"Much nicer than spending alllll weekend on chores!"

We finished the weekend watching Pip 1 & Pip 2 play with their horse. MUUUUCH NICER than mowing and hauling hay!

What a great weekend.
We're so happy to be back at the off grid prefab house!

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