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Modern Off Grid Prefab House Equalizes Solar And Saves A Kitten.

At the off grid modern prefab house, we equalized our solar battery bank, fixed the tractor, mowed some of the field, talked to owls, and saved a kitten.
Got caught up on email, The Economist, Financial Times
and they... did... not.
Country people know that even without a cat, there are always kittens.
Handsome Husband and Pip 1 were cruising down the interstate at dusk and noticed a little leaf oddly blowing about hither and thither. It was only once they passed that they screeched to a halt, pulled over and said, "THAT WASN'T A LEAF THAT WAS A KITTEN, PLAYING IN TRAFFIC!"

Now feral kittens are hard to catch. But Pip 1 used his country skillz and... now we suddenly had a teeny, tiny kitten, at dark, with no stores open anywhere for miles and miles and miles.
Thank goodness for good neighbors with cats who shared food until we could get the kitten proper kitten food!
That tiny little face!
24 hours later, the kitten was no longer feral.
Stalking mastiffs.

48 hours later, we found it a wonderful, permanent home (because cats, much less kittens, don't do well here in the predator-filled country!).
We will miss the Wee One. But SO happy.
Check it out- the cat food is bigger than the kitten.

Life Returns To Normal
One evening I had a long chat with this guy before the coyotes joined in.
Busy with farm chores, we unexpectedly headed to the city for the weekend, once word arrived that my hometown was supposedly under siege. I offered the prefab modern home to a friend and their little kids who lived where the demonstrations were. But heck if I were not going to let these out-of-town inciteful people mar our city without some kind of push back.
CBS News

I was not about to let ignorant hateful people take over my hometown like they did Charlottesville. The mayor asked us all to stay home / away from the turmoil. So we decided to enjoy and celebrate the best Richmond offered this week- bluegrass at Hardywood brewery, St. Benedict's Oktoberfest, long walks in Maymont/  the Fan / Northside, great art and dining... Why not enjoy the BEST of the city and celebrate it and its people instead of letting "those people" be the focus! Celebrate all the voices and cultures that make up the vibrant city!

This Year There Are Exchange Students About
We took along two exchange students, one from Germany, one from Spain, to the VMFA's Native American Past And Present exhibit, "Hear My Voice." I loved the context of the historic art but was mesmerized by the modern artists. I can't wait to go back and take in the beadwork and details when I have more time. See why:

Then we wandered over across the street to Oktoberfest! 
We had a great time teasing the German exchange student and Handsome Husband about the festival's authentic food and music.

It did not matter if this darling festival which raises money for the school was authentic or adapted- it was charming, fun... we all had a great time. In the future I will always pair this event with a visit to the VMFA- it makes for an entire day filled with art and festiveness.
What a fun weekend celebrating everything that makes Richmond special. There were long evening walks through the city, stopping in restaurants or galleries... for a primer on where and what to eat, check out Garden & Gun's "Richmond: One of the South's Best Food Towns" and get hungry.
Now back at the modern off grid prefab house, I am looking forward to a quieter week with our herd. 

Yet with memories of friends and family and fun in the city.

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