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Off Grid Prefab House Readies For The Solar Eclipse! Kinda.

I can't tell you how all summer long when we are sailing people go, "Wait. YOU LIVE OFF GRID???"
But you're on a sailboat! If you're a sailor, off grid is easy!
Like any off shore cruise, it just takes prep work, the right tools, and a sailor's attitude to happily live off grid on *minimal* solar.
Add in the energy efficiency of the modern prefab house's SIP, and its passive solar design to have your house work thoughout the seasons, and you have super easy!
When we bought our solar system package for our off grid passive solar prefab house, there were three categories of solar systems we could purchase- house, cabin, and third world. We bought the latter, and, because everything is energy efficient and we are mindful of resources, we are now entering our
But just because we're sailors doesn't mean we're always organized. By the pool, as Pip 1 was off, out of our sight for hours with friends, with no word on when they'd be back, we adults discussed the upcoming solar eclipse.

Off they go, who knows where, or when.

None of us had bought the (now-sold-out) special safely-view-the-eclipse glasses...
Moms having fun on the sand bar and

Does this look like we're buying solar glasses?
No. We're having fun on the sand bar!
Oh look here's another picture of me
Soft shell  solar glasses.

But, like every summer, I have been canning, canning, canning. I have boxes.
For free, we can make PIN HOLE CAMERAS! I'm posting this blog early so if you're a procrastinator like EVERY SINGLE ADULT AT THE YACHT CLUB THIS WEEKEND, you can do it too!
: )
This link has all the info you need, now get on it!
And p.s. If you don't have boxes, here's an easier way!

Green Modern Kits Family Note:
With heavy hearts, I wanted to share that our beloved Mr. Chuckles passed this week. R.I.P. Khan.
Your raised our children from toddlers to teens.

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