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Modern Off Grid Prefab House Enjoys Summer Breeze And Code Class

Living off grid in a modern prefab house in the country was gorgeous this week! I love the different seasons, here...

Beautiful moons, breezy skies, meteor showers, tree frogs singing...
Mowing the fields went great!
Welllllllll it went great until the tractor broke. So we are now waiting on parts... ahhhh life in the country.
Life wasn't bad at the Ramshackle on the bay, either...

Let The Kids Code
When in the off grid prefab house in a town population 40, it is hard to do service work when it takes thirty minutes just to get to the grocery store. It just doesn't make sense for the Pips to volunteer thirty-forty minutes away for an hour or two...That's why we maximize our volunteer time while at the bay- everything is within two miles, making service work easy. From sailing camp counselors to code instructors, they have a great experience helping other kids learn.

This week the Pips taught their annual Kids Who Code class at the local library.
It's great to see children teaching children, and using local libraries as their meeting point.
Great job, kids!

Confetti Summer Pasta
Cook at least three chicken breasts, dice. Cook two small packages of fresh cheese tortellini.
Sauce: fave vinegar + sugar + olive oil, sea salt, pepper to make a strong vinaigrette. Heavier on the vinegar side vs. sweet or oily.
In a large bowl mix together minced garlic, onion, diced red & green pepper, 1 drained can each of black and pinto beans, plenty of (uncooked!) corn off the cobb (lay it down to cut vs. holding vertical and then the pieces don't fly everywhere!), 1/2 quart of my canned pasta sauce or salsa, then fold in the chicken and pasta careful not to mush it, ha. Let sit and blend at least one day. Then top and fold in lots of fresh parsley before serving.

Well, off grid, off we sail.

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At 8/9/17, 8:02 AM , Blogger Unknown said...

Love your posts and pics. Haven't seen you guys in a while and would love to stop by and see the farm sometime.


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