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Modern Off Grid Prefab House Has Hay And Harvest And... High Histamine.

The sun is out! Thankfully, the passive solar design of the modern prefab house helps keep us cool in summer. 

Add a breeze (or some ceiling fans), and it's positively delicious except in extreme summer heat.
At the modern passive solar off grid prefab house, it is hay season. We raced over to help friends putting up hay when a sudden storm approached. Thankfully, the skies just brought rainbows.
For days, we helped our friends pick up and put away hay, over 900 bales. You pitch in whenever anyone has a job they need to be done- you're all in it together, working hard, in the hot sun, yet happily socializing and feeling good with the project when the sun goes down, of yet another hard but rewarding day.
C. after unloading the 1st 100ish bales, lol.

Handsome Husband and Pip 1 were in the city. I was super impressed with Pip 2, who, despite not feeling well, continued to pitch in as we loaded hay, even though we told her just to rest on the porch. That child suffers so much all day thanks to her alpha gal which also brought on inflammation / histamine / mast cell issues. I kept asking her if we needed to leave or if she needed to sit down but she just kept going. She is one hard worker.
For those AG sufferers who also have histamine issues: I just learned something: 
We are giving our daughter probiotics to help with her gut issues.
But check what bacteria you are ingesting! I had switched brands and am wondering if this is why her issues have recently been exacerbated:
"...the gut may be everything when it comes to histamine tolerance. Certain probiotics are histamine-producing (which may worsen your symptoms), histamine-neutral (which will have no direct effect), or histamine-degrading (which should improve your symptoms). If the histamine-producing ones colonize your gut, that’s bad news.

-Among the histamine-producing, foremost are Lactobacillus casei, Lactobacillus delbrueckii, and Lactobacillus bulgaricus, all of which are found in most yogurts. Avoid those. That’s why fermented dairy is a no-go for most people with histamine intolerance.

-Take a probiotic that contains histamine-degrading strains, like Lactobacillus plantarum (my own probiotic supplement is one example). Soil-based organisms may also reduce histamine.

-Eat prebiotic fibers and resistant starch. When choosing a resistant starch source, consider going with unripened green bananas (great frozen in smoothies, not so great as straight-up snacks) and/or cooked and cooled potatoes over raw potato starch. Raw potato starch may aggravate your symptoms, as potato lectins can induce mast cells to release histamine."

We went from Culturelle to Probulin. Guess which one has histamine REDUCING bacteria and which one has histamine INDUCING bacteria?

"It is the strain (not the genisus) of a probiotic that is important. Each probiotic strain can lead to a different benefit.

When reading a probiotic label, it should reveal the genisus, species, and strain of probiotic, that all needs to be identical to the human studies. For example, lactobacillus (Genisus) rhamnosus (Species) GG (Strain) has extensive studies, that show it to be a mast-cell stabliser.
Just because a probiotic is histamine degrading does not mean it is right for you. If you want to use probiotics to help with a specific health concern it’s vital to select the right probiotic for the right condition.
With histamine intolerance, like fermented foods, complex strain diversity is often problematic. Whilst a healthy individual may look for a probiotic supplement that has 10 – 30 different strains, similar to fermented foods, it is my experience that single strains should be used and rotated, until at least hypersensitivity is dramatically reduced. This is also because we are using the probiotic to calm the immune system, whilst the prebiotics or resistant starch, are actually providing the good bacteria."

Are you are a medical professional? Read this:

So, Pip 2 continues to struggle, I continue to research.
And that's where we are with that.
In the meantime, at the off grid prefab house, the boys returned home and Pip 2 put them to work making a tack area for all her horse stuff in the shed.
Oh, and just in time for our season of Back-And-Forth-And-Forth-And-Back, baby chicks started hatching.
Meet Fig.
So here we are, at the off grid solar prefab house, busy as bees on projects while also getting ready for BACK AND FORTH TO THE BAY! All while baby chicks are hatching! This could get interesting.

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