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Modern Off Grid Prefab House In A Tiny Town With Big Comfort And Fun

What a beautiful weekend at the off grid modern prefab house!!!
As always there was lots of chores and projects on which to work, but plenty of time for play.
Track practice.
Once you get the hang of living off grid, it is so easy.
So I don't understand why our dogs are always so worn out! It seems all they do is laze around and sleep. LaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaZY.
We are delighted that friends, who are Amish, are moving to our road. My Amish friendships are always a cultural exchange, and like any of my friends, we overlook differences and find deep commonalities (and humor!) with which to forge ahead.

They haven't made the official move to their new home yet, so stop by our own off grid prefab house for this and that as needed. The Amish off grid life is different- not only off grid (and often on gas around here vs. solar which more Amish are using up north) but no electric it seems- they use oil lamps instead of switches. We are all using the air pressure water pumps, but my family's set up is different- we use air pressure not to make the pump work for water every time but only to fill up our rainwater cistern when it runs dry.

Well water (from the livestock well) is pumped via the air pump into our cistern if it runs dry; cistern water (usually just rain water) is pumped into our house using our off grid house power system.

Despite our differences, we all share curiosity and appreciation for humor. My friends (Amish or not) are so funny!

Here I am pretending to drive my friend's wagon. She stood there and rolled her eyes and laughed, just like any of my friends when I do something weird and silly... : )
"Look at MEEEEEE I'm driving a WAGON!!!!"
 My friend: Face With Rolling Eyes "Oh stop posing and drive the darned thing."

She: "Um, are you done with your tomfoolery and
are you actually going to DRIVE IT...?"

In town, there was an estate sale at a historic farm! For a town population 40, I think I saw 38 of 'em at Brick Tavern Farm's sale...

Everyone was thinking real estate values, and who the new neighbors might be, as people considered the sale of Brick Tavern Farm. I have kept an eye on the values of city *and* rural property in the area... City friends have strangers approaching them to sell their homes not on the market! We know one couple who sold, yet now can't find a new house for themselves! Rural properties take longer to sell, often years, but it is heartening to see investment value returning.

We also realized Handsome Husband's jeans have market value.
"Hey Nordstrom! We've got some pants fer ya!"

Alpha Gal Notes:
I wish medical people would stop almost killing my kid.
Earlier this week, we took Pip 2 to the doctor for an infection.

What I learned is that when your doctor looks up amoxicillin (or any medicine) + "is it vegan / plant based" (to ensure it is alpha gal safe) and gets a manufacturer site saying it is fine, they don't consider that the PHARMACY fills "amoxicillin" with *whatever brand* is sent to them, so another manufacturer very likely is in your medicine and not the one you think. So: 1. ASK THE PHARMACY to confirm who manufacturers your medicine. 2. Call the manufacturer to confirm it has no mammal. 3. The pharmacy's manufacturers often change per order as they are just going with whoever has the lowest price so do this with each refill.

I'm glad I did this before blindly feeding my daughter an anaphylactic trigger.

I am beyond frustrated because I explained to the 1. doctor and 2. pharmacist her condition before having them prescribe her something "safe" which it was NOT. I am tired of people playing with my child's life.

I'm also frustrated because she still had a painful infection which needed to be treated, and after driving alllllllllllll the way back home, opening the bottle, to then question whether the medicine was safe (it looked gelatin and not a tablet version, and it was), I had nothing.

After many calls to the manufacturer, pharmacist, and doctor, something safe was found, and alllllllllllllllllll the way back I drove.

So, they didn't kill her, she is now feeling better, and even has moments where she regains her humor.
One step forward, two steps back,
but progress.
Have a good week.

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