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Off Grid Passive Solar Prefab Watches Shipping Containers

Spring temperatures are here at the modern off grid prefab house!
Oh lawd, y'all, this weekend I watched a movie all about living in shipping containers.
This shipping container living was featured in a Finnish movie, filmed in Yugoslavia, shown on a German channel, subtitled in French, ha.
It was really good!
Anyhoo. If you want to look up close and personal into what it's like to live in shipping containers that haven't been adulterated by some fancy-schmancy architect, WATCH THIS MOVIE. (Plus it's a brutal, odd, lovely story!) It's called Mies Vailla Menneisyyttä, aka The Man Without A Past.
It is the original true shipping container living- where poor people live in discarded shipping containers adjacent to ports where they are tossed aside- the "cheap" "recyclable" shipping containers lauded by environmentalists and architects, except you really get to see what it is like to eek out existence in one, "as is." I used to be such a fan of the *concept* of shipping container homes, until I realized how much (and expensive) you would have to change them to make them 1. livable with 2. airy dimensions.

This movie is built around shipping container living, with a shipping container community.
Dwell and Tiny Home intentional living it is not.
Here the kids pour hot water from the roof
onto their dad in the "shower."
Guess they didn't do that in winter!
I can't imagine living in FINLAND through the winter in a basic shipping container with no ventilation?

I love Finland. When I spent time in Finland it was all about the beautiful archipelagos, midsummer bonfires, sauna, architecture, and art.

This movie is a stark (but also compassionate and beautiful) slice o' Suomi.
Of people I'd never meet, living on society's fringe, but not any less.
Pohjanmaan kautta, y'all!
(From Annie's Studio, another Finland admirer!)

At our passive solar off grid modern prefab, life is considerably less harsh.
This time of year, because the off grid prefab house is so energy efficient, there is little to do in terms of comfort or preparation, off grid. 

Weed trees along horse trails have been felled, to be split at leisure, providing next winter's wood.
The energy efficiency of the prefab house means there is no heat, no cook stove going.
The HRV is off, as windows are cracked, then flung open.
We even got the lawn mowers out.
Until next week. Life is good.

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