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Enjoying Energy Efficient Off Grid Modern Prefab SIP Home Passive Solar Design And Muddy Concrete Floors

How can one not love the energy efficiency of these modern SIP prefabs? Earlier this week, temperatures went down to "feels like 12," but in the off grid modern prefab house we awoke to 68, without the cook stove going at night- the dogs were strewn sleepily about the room, the sun rising on another beautiful day.

There were even some not-so-beautiful days:
Sleet. Snow. Mud.

Yay for passive solar design that lets in beautiful light, cheerfully filling the prefab house on frosty days!

Because it's not consistently frigid, with temperatures rising during the day to "normal," in the 30s-50s, we just use the cookstove for dinner pretty much... sure it's in the 60s when we wake, but once the sun comes up and we're moving around you don't even think about putting on a sweater in the passive solar prefab house, as indoors, without heat, it's in the 70s, just by the sun!

Last week I discussed intergenerational living and how our Amish friends saved family property and homes by moving about the houses according to their extended family's need.

Forget mobile Tiny Houses, they also picked up and moved The Amish Store! We've been going to the store for years, and then our Amish friends decided to move to their grandparent's farm, so they picked up and moved the store!

So here we are on another farm, but in the familiar old store we love so well.
I feel very Dorothy in Wizard of Oz-ish, ha!

Toothless The Street Dog Has Settled In With The Herd.
It's as if this little guy has been a part of our family forever. Everyone in our pack adores him, he makes my life easier, not harder, and is always cheerful and enthusiastic about whatever crazy thing the children and dogs want to do. We all love him. Even cranky Mister Chuckles.

Egg Season Returns.
We can't bring ourselves to buy store bought eggs so when the chickens start laying again after their winter pause we celebrate with quiches, omelettes, frittatas...
Hence, with eggs' return, we know it's spring.

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