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Off Grid Prefab House Lies Low At The Modern Homestead With An Alpha Gal Kid.

We have been limping along day by day back at the net zero passive solar modern prefab house with Pip 2, who is still reacting to high histamine foods / any random food, although we have not thankfully triggered her alpha gal or had any ER visits this week.

I spent time writing down some key points and information and delivering it to friends in our Amish community so that *everyone* here has this information. None of the Amish (nor most of the English) here know what alpha gal is, much less the ties to high histamine intolerance, so I continue to try to document as our child stabilizes (and often, reacts). Every day is different.

On to off grid living.
As I often note, our solar system for the off grid prefab house is *minimal*- what they refer to as "The Weekend Cabin Package." But it has served us really well, for years now, as long as we are willing to conserve energy, and isn't that what this lifestyle is all about?

If only more of us could embrace living with less energy consumption.

Starting with energy efficient everything changes the game, from the energy efficiency of the modern prefab SIP house to the lightbulbs.

By looking at energy consumption of everything we bring into the net zero prefab house, we are already ahead- laptops, light bulbs, systems decisions, appliances... the first thing we look at is its energy consumption. Outfitting the modern prefab with energy efficiency considered in everything means you can come over for a visit and not even notice we're off grid on *minimal* systems. If you stopped in unexpectedly, you'd find us telecommuting, and the Pips busy on their laptops with algebra and history... and in the evening, I hate to admit: often, three different movies being watched on three different screens.

These days the Pips are in the city as often as the country. They are teens. They want to be with their herd. We work it out, flexibly, and it makes them appreciate both the country -and- city. Here's something I noticed: when Pip 1 is away, the battery bank, on an average winter sunny day, recharges itself by lunch. When he's here, it never recharges completely.

I will be looking at his laptop upon his return. We are all, except he, on Chromebooks - and only plug in the computers to recharge, vs. just having them plugged in all the time.

It's amazing how little things can have such a huge impact on your off grid solar system, no? And by taking the time to investigate it, and run your household as energy-efficiently as possible, how large and amazing your life can be on so. little. power consumption.
In the meantime, it is so heartening to see the off grid house recharged by lunchtime, daily, even in winter!
Temperatures went back down into the teens, but the cook stove didn't stay lit when we went to bed. We still awoke to our usual 66 degrees inside the prefab house...
We even had a light brushing of snow!
A Brag! Modern design with folk!
I love to brag on my friends, because I love them. And boy does my dear friend and amazing surface and textile pattern designer Katja Ollendorff earn the kudos that are coming from San Francisco! Awhile back she won the Minted design challenge to create a mural- their first outside art challenge!
Her submission.
And this week, the mural was realized. If you are in San Francisco, go see it!!!
Just amazing!!!
Reading Club:
Every Week We Struggle To Stabilize Pip 2 Is Another I'm Grateful For Homeschool.
That smile is because she's 95% done with 7th grade math, 24% done with Algebra I (which she's not supposed to start until the summer), two weeks ahead on social studies and history (due to finish the year 3/31), 65% done with her HTML class... Kudos, Pip 2, to staying ahead of school despite alpha gal and high histamine reactions... she is SUCH a brave kid.
Each day you have to look for the good moments.
Sometimes it might just be ten seconds of
energy, but that was TEN SECONDS.

Since our daughter started having issues weeks ago, I have eaten what doesn't work for her so that there is no food waste. In the past weeks I have eaten a lot of sweet potatoes, white beans, overly boiled skinless chicken, and overcooked rice. THANK YOU this weekend for something I have never appreciated: THE SUPER BOWL (I don't even watch football): because it is a day filled with savory, cheesy, bad for you tasty food. HALLELUJAH.

BRING ON THE JALAPENO CHILLI CHEDDAR BEEF NACHOS PLEASE... I want a bloomin' onion. Gimme some Velveeta cheese dip... Ok nevermind I haven't sunk that low! Fake foods, yuck, but yes please pass the spicy chicken wings... I am *craving* taste, fat, cheese, crafted larder foods... BBQ with homemade cole slaw.

I'm also craving really *fresh* food- salads and herbs and raw food, as she seems to need everything overcooked. I want Vietnamese food. Thai. KOREAN. Spicy, savory, seared, tangy freshness.

In the meantime I am feeding my kid oatmeal, quinoa, cabbage... and I eat the leftovers. 
I'm trying to get back into working out, especially with all this eating of bland starchy food.
However, this new gym partner isn't working out so well...
"Why are you on the floor?
Are you taking a nap?
Great idea!"

We might be in a town o' population 40, but as you can see, it is always bustling, and full of helpers.
Handsome Husband and his helpers changing the oil.

Hope you have a great week. And always, lots of helpers.

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