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Modern Prefab House Kit News And At The Off Grid Prefab House, Weather Turns And Rough Beasts Slouch

Good news for modern prefab house kits
the manufacturer network is greatly expanding!

It has been a turbulent week.
One of our manufacturers, for good reason, has been slow on quotes because (good news for everyone else!) they are making some great things happen in the northeast network which will benefit anyone there wanting a modern prefab house kit!

I usually tell people that fabrication and delivery quotes take about a week, but this week, not. I am so sorry if you are someone still waiting on a quote, I will send them on as soon as they are received!

On a personal front, I have dropped mention of our child's illness after the initial post on her crisis, but that by no means indicates that she is well.  I'm just going to put that out there. This alpha gal diagnosis comes with a whole list of related ailments- for her, high histamine intolerance and inflammation, especially in her stomach/intestines. Many also become afflicted with celiac disease, and more.

Every day, every hour, is a moving target as to what she can eat and how she feels. We're concentrating on the good moments, and hours.

After missing three cotillions, she was able to make the last one, which thrilled her.
She only lasted through half of the Mardi Gras dance, but for her, it was a win.
Let's move on to modern landscape architecture.
Can't wait to spruce up the area
around the modern prefab house!

Now that the off grid modern prefab house is pretty much done, I really want to continue on exterior plantings and features!

So I reached into the archives and brought up these two posts-
It's fun to see what, almost ten years ago, we were thinking we would do, what we ended up doing, and what we now want to do in the future! 

Let's go into what worked, and didn't, and what we hadn't thought of! Fun!

One of the things I would like to focus on is putting pavers / a gravel bed around the off grid prefab house. It would help to prevent mud being so tracked in (good thing we have a concrete floor, I always say!), and the grass IS hard to grow in the poor soil / in highly trafficked areas right where those right pavers are shown, because that's how we go back and forth and back and forth to the wood shed and chicken coop.
In the initial landscape design plan, that works really well.
Let's talk about that area to the right with the fire pit.
Our rough fire pit is there, now, with seating. I would consider moving all that (and do we really even want to encourage fires when our area is usually in a drought?)...

So the fire pit is a "meh" even though the boys enjoy it thoroughly- I keep reading about fires here, and I just feel it's not something to encourage, eh?

Also: that beautiful pool right outside the prefab house is not practical with neither drought nor being off grid...

Wonky Weather
Seriously, y'all, when have you EVER heard of a thunderstorm in February? Much less a tornado?
Oh, never in a lifetime 'cept now it's regular...
And we, in the city, this weekend:
Turning and turning in the widening gyre..

Suddenly: A Rough Beast
I will write more on this beast next week. But Foster Dog's first 24 hours went great. He likes chickens, horses, dogs, and defers to our Old Dog, Mister Chuckles.

Tiny is, to my surprise, happy to have another active dog with whom to chase sticks and scan the skies for chicken predators. He is already proving to be a *great* farm dog.
And so, rough beasts slouch about the prefab.

But they're more about sunning themselves amongst the daisies.
Maybe we should name him Ferdinand.

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