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Passive Solar Prefab Thinks On Passive House Prefab Possibilities

We are in talks about a potential passive house project with our modern prefab houses
I will keep you updated on that as it develops.

Our prefab houses are all designed for passive solar but would certainly need adjustment for passive house standards. I have been informed on and aware of passive house for years, as have our architects, but have never had to think on whether tweaking our prefab house design would meet passive house (passiv haus).

With the structural insulated panels and passive solar design, at least there is a good foundation with which to start! We shall see how this potential project develops...

Like tweaking passive solar for passive house, in our own family there are adjustments and compromises...

Like: a dirt bike.
Need I mention they are not environmentally friendly? Or that they're loud, obnoxiously so, so certainly would never meet the Living Building tenets to be a good neighbor?

But when you're married to a guy, sometimes you just have to give a little. And thus, Handsome Husband and Pip 1 ride this hideous contraption. (My retort? GO RIDE A HORSE, y'all.)

Further compromise was reached this week after Pip 1 spent months and months of begging me to get on for a ride. (Who needs a dirt bike, GO RIDE A HORSE!)

I told that kid that if he got an "A" in his Duke University Java programming class, he could take me for a ride.
He got a 96.4%.
So off I went.
Have a good week, y'all.

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