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At The Net Zero Prefab House: Home After Skedaddling Away

Back at the off grid prefab house after a long (but fun!) week.

There is no place like home.
It will be a gray, rainy week at the off grid net zero prefab house. We can relax, get school done, and take it easy after the crazy holiday week!
Nothing to do after all that ruckus but
cook, school, and enjoy the rainy week!

It was so wonderful to see so many family and friends in the city and at the bay!
There were parties...
Party dogs.

A party guest made some favors...
Gatherings at Grandma's...

Over the river
and through the woods
to Grandma's house we go...

Lots of cooking... (what does one eat on the bay? LOTS of seafood.)
Sugar toads!

Beautiful sunrise and sunset walks with friends...
New York Cit-taaaay cousins visitin'...
There's at least one tennis ball in his mouth there...
Now, we're back at the off grid prefab house and homestead.
We have fantastic house and farm sitters while we're gone. But having the pasture cameras around also gives us peace of mind- they send us alerts when triggered, stream directly to our phones / the cloud, thus documenting anyone that's not supposed to be there via video -and- photos, night -and- day. Pretty cool.

If you have problems with hunters poaching think about how useful these are- you install them in several key places, they set them off, all evidence is sent to you (and the game warden!) remotely so you don't even have to confront them. If they destroy the camera, even better- they just continued to pile on the charges against them and you have all the evidence without any stress! Easy!

But our FAVORITE purpose of using the cams is we can zoom in, live, and talk to our equines and see what they're doing! THE BEST for peace of mind when you are missing your luvies...
Tiny demonstrates how unstressed he is now
that he can talk to his pasture friends remotely.

So, it's supposed to be gross and rainy all week, which means we can just cozy up in the off grid prefab house, read, and recover from the party week. Sounds good.
I spy someone napping on the bench there... good idea!

Reading Club:
Have a great week.

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