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Passive Solar SIP Prefab House Has City Sister Visit

Net zero off grid modern prefab house.

Sister and her family came to visit.
Why is that important to green building or the future of energy efficient modern prefab house design?

Because Sister is not a green building or passive solar prefab or solar anything enthusiast: she is pure city girl I-like-the-grid-don't-talk-to-me-about-your-solar-or-rainwater-anything kinda gal.

Sister couldn't care less about small footprint living.

Sister doesn't give a fig about energy efficiency or energy independence.

Yet the impact was there.
"Wow y'all must have cleaned for days!"
No, while we did pick up, it was our usual "weekly clean and get ready for the weekend" chores.
When you have a small footprint house with clean modern design, and nooks and crannies so everything is efficiently stored away, it is easy to do! The prefab house can shine up quickly after a week of abuse because smaller spaces are easy to clean and need no housekeeper!

When we clean the modern prefab house, it is done so quickly... leaving us the weekend to do what we want to do.
Passive solar allows the sun rays in during winter
to help heat. The small footprint design allows
minimum maintenance and maximum fun!

Multitasking riding and chores.
From the Wall Street Journal:
"U.S. Houses Are Still Getting Bigger
The median size of a new home is 2,467 square feet, 61% bigger than 40 years ago"
Our old house, the mid-century modern, was about 3,000 square feet. Even with a weekly housekeeper all we did all weekend was clean it.

Over the weekend, the temperatures dipped into the high 30s at night, and were brisk during the day. But mid-afternoon I had to crack the windows to cool the passive solar down from the bright sunshine's thermal mass and passive solar heating plus body heat from people.

Playing board games in the cozy prefab house.

We went to a festival, and when we returned, cold from the windy festivities, walking into the cozy prefab was something to be remarked on. When we awoke, we had only lost two degrees over the evening. I explained that this time of year, we really don't even lose heat overnight, even when there's frost on the ground outside- that only in the bitter winter temperatures do we lose heat, and even then, with the cook stove out and nothing heating the house, only about one degree per hour!

The "heat" of the SIP passive solar house compared to the frost on the fields was impressive to even someone who doesn't care about green building. "Yep, still too warm to turn on the cook stove!" While outside there was frost, inside it was so warm in the passive solar prefab house, she said they threw the comforter off the bed... in a house with "no" heat!

Sister was relieved that, off grid, she could flush a toilet, run water, be comfortable, turn on lights... just like any city house!
I think after this weekend, seeing up close how living off grid can "be like any other house," they will hopefully come back more often!
In the meantime, great family memories were made.
If you're ever in the area, Autumnfest is so much fun. Think: a FREE festival with bluegrass, brunswick stew, cornbread, roasted corn, hay castles, pony rides, ginormous cannons that shoot pumpkins across the cow fields, and all sorts of fun.
Riding the bull like a boss!
Pumpkin sling shot!

 Photos by Sister:

Have a great week.

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