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What An Egg Can Teach You About An Energy Efficient Tight Envelope Prefab House

It was quiet at the net zero prefab house, but not on the bay.
Not much but mowing goin' on at the off grid prefab house this week...

Back on the bay... I continue to can quarts of pasta sauce.
Spending the day in the hot sun at the regatta
to then come home and can,
makes this margarita medically necessary.

Yesterday, while making another batch of sauce to can, when I walked out to the chickens to toss them tomato scraps to find that a predator had killed our beloved broody hen who had just a few more days to go before her eggs hatched, finding feathers everywhere, and all but one egg eaten...
I might have cried.
Yes, I butcher, but I determine that to feed my family. This was a waste, a loss of life not just of the hen but also of the almost-hatched chicks...

I turned off the stove, put a lid on the sauce, and dropped everything to run with a frantic Pip 1 around town to gather parts to make a homemade egg incubator.

Pip 1 is dedicated to keep this one lone egg "alive."
He hand made the incubator all by himself and is obsessing over the temperature.

And so this day was brought to you by
Mister Gin And Tonic.
It was quite a day. : (

It has about a week to go until it was due to hatch; odds on that are pretty nil. I admire his trying, perseverance, and commitment to a certain-to-fail project.
Much respect, Pip 1.

Here's what an egg has taught me about a tight envelope house.Now, mind you, we are not in our energy efficient, off grid prefab house built with SIP (structural insulated panels) right now!

No, we are in the 150+ year old drafty ole Ramshackle!
And as the temperatures outside rise and fall, so do they in the incubator! As this drafty ole Ramshackle gets through the day, it becomes hot and stuffy and the digital thermometer records the incubator's temperature's climb. As we slumber, the Ramshackle cools down with the night air, too...
Energy efficient off grid prefab house,
where the egg is NOT.

If we were in our energy efficient tight envelope house we wouldn't have these indoor temperature fluctuations!

So I'm just sitting here, BABYSITTING AN EGG, in a drafty ole farm house.

Here's some pictures from the week.
The Pips again taught their code class at the local library.
The summer of sailing finished with a regatta and party.
When you live in population 40, it is important to have team sports and camaraderie, and we do that by heading to the bay, where another generation of pirate friendships is fostered.
Their team!
Pips and their coaches!

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