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Off Grid Prefab House Looks At Home Automation With An Update On An Upcoming Prefab House Project!

We continue to go back and forth (and forth and back) to the off grid net zero prefab house and the 150+ year old Ramshackle on the bay.
Y'all. Big news: The Moss Beach modern prefab house project, the (modified) R1 Residential outside San Francisco (finally!) begins this fall!
I will have nothing much to remark upon until the modern, modified R1 Residential prefab house project construction and site work begins, so let's talk about THIS BABY SEA HORSE THE PIPS FOUND!

They carefully put it next to a jetty a few feet away so it would have protection and something on which to anchor,

Seahorse population reflects improved Bay health
"'...It’s a good sign that there’s more of them,' Brown said. 'That means that there is clearer water and a stronger salinity too.'

Lockwood said lined seahorses especially thrive in waters with a higher salinity level. He said the Bay currently is testing in a very good range.
Brown said the higher salinity levels bode well for the growth of other species in the Bay, like oysters."

How Climate is Changing Chesapeake Bay Shorelines for Archeologists, Paleontologists

Dwell had a theme on smart homes using remote technology innovation in its latest issue. 
We already  use smart home technology
like security, etc. but are considering

A good point was made: while there are many apps these days to remotely monitor and adjust your home's systems, no one (yet) has come up with one app that works with all (and I think we'd settle for just most) systems... 

Here are a few key blurbs that you might find helpful:
Home Automation Energy Management
Here are some links to articles on / and wireless home automation products:
Lookin' out towards new technology
for the off grid prefab house.

We already use smart home technology to remotely monitor and adjust the off grid prefab house but are looking into more like humidity monitoring and control, cistern water level, and changing lock passwords for access to name a few.

Like many, we have also fallen prey to Pokémon Go.
Pip 1 has run 65 *kilometers* in the past weeks...
We even have new dog command for when they're about to go on an adventure:
Can they make a version with chores?

Summer Continues, As Does Fun.
"I have a case of DOL.
I'm not goin' ANYWHERE."
Pips sailin' the seas.
Thrown... Together.
(In order of sautéing, in Asian sesame oil)
Lots o' onion, garlic, french green beans, shrimp tossed with Kim Kim Korean Sauce (locally made in my hometown!) & lime then add cooked al dente noodles tossed w/Kim Kim, sprinkle w/lots of sea salt, toasted sesame. I never have Asian noodles on hand. I just use under-cooked spaghetti, finishing it by letting it sit in the pan to fry a little, turning occasionally. Make sure to toss the noodles first with Kim Kim for best, but not overwhelming, flavor.

Another note on Kim Kim Sauce:
It's great instead of chili powder when you make pimento cheese.

Our dear friends The Ls are visiting. I made my take on Merroir's raw tuna salad, but as a platter since they didn't have enough plates! You really just need a little of this, as an appetizer, as it is so rich! But delicious... I served it with banh mi, homemade slaw, and corn!
Upon hearing of Mrs. L's eminent visit, Deltaville's beloved unofficial mayor Mr. Henry Lackey bequeathed me some of his homemade crab apple wine for a proper welcome!

And On We Sail.
We sail. We sail back and forth. We sail back and forth to the off grid prefab house, and on the bay.
Y'all have fun.

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