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Off Grid At The Prefab, Or In Town At The Ramshackle, We're Happy.

The heat wave broke!
Outdoor activities resumed! When night swimming, we emerged chilly! The windows are wide open at night and the morning breeze is delicious.
The prefab was hiding from the heat!

At the net zero prefab house, well, it's just happy there.
The equines hugged and joked with Handsome Husband- so silly. Just... y'know... horsin' around...
It's happy at The Ramshackle, too. Slowly we try, every summer, to work on this 150+ year old gem. For the past two years we patched and patched and sealed the roof, and with all this rain our hard work paid off- not one leak.

This week we extended the grape trellis for the rambling, ancient grape vine...
Not much to report here... We're just... happy.
I am always so grateful for the great people in our lives. You can live in the coolest house. You can have the coolest life. It's nothing without love. Every day I'm grateful for our friends.

For our anniversary, we headed out to Merroir.
They no longer have the tuna I raved about last summer (my take on their recipe here, along with Merroir's story) but just as tasty, I ordered seared tuna over rice noodles- like the first recipe, it was fresh, savory and sweet... delicious.

Are you on the water? 
Have you heard of the credit card trick?
Now I don't advocate putting things on credit.
BUT IF YOU'RE STUNG BY A JELLY FISH, whip out that card and CHARGE! It works faster and better than baking soda and vinegar on a sting!

Here's how to do it:
Whip out your card. Use it to SCRAPE the area- don't be shy, get that stinger out! You should feel an immediate difference once the stinger is scraped out! THEN hose down the affected area with *fresh* water. Ahhhhh.

A bunch of kids from the sailing team landed, yelling they had been stung. I whipped out my credit card. I whipped out my library card. I whipped out my museum membership card. Kids were scraping away. They all handed them back to me (dirty, ew! lol), and hosed themselves down. And back out they headed, happily, to pirate... stings forgotten.
Hope y'all have a great week. You know where to find me.




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