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A Tale Of Prefab Houses While Surrounded By Love!

 In the midst of love, there was a tale of a modern prefab house!
They have traffic up north, too!
...we packed up the Pips and headed into Amish Lancaster
not to stare at Amish but
for the wedding of my Kenyan brother
(because you knew about my being a southern girl but also Kenyan, right?)
because my beautiful Kenyan brother is marrying the most wonderful girl who matches him,
I was a reader in the wedding
and the bride's cousins saw my name
I had no idea, I was just tying not to trip up and ruin their wedding and read the darned poem, right
after the ceremony was over and I stopped hyperventilating
as we were all getting our first glass of wine
they came up to you and said,

"Are you Copeland Casati?"
"Why yes!"
"Do you, uhm, have something to do with prefab houses?"
"Why yes, I do have something to do with prefab houses,
why do you ask?" : )
"When I'm not chasing my Kenyan brother (which is very hard to do by the way, do you know how fast Kenyans run?)... YES!"


And thus I met the awesome builders of The Dogtrot Mod, of State College Design and Construction. We jabbered on and on about the prefab house project in the northeast, and all the cool things the client did.

Are the chances.
Dogtrot Mod modern prefab house from
At the wedding
with the builders of the Dogtrot Mod
in the Northeast!

That's what happened.

So was the day.
So you still want to know how this southern girl is Kenyan?
Well let me tell you a story, of generations of friendship between the Keinos and we.
Oh nevermind that will take too long.
Here's the part about Kippy and I:
Ok nevermind, that's too long, too.

The wedding, of such special people coming together in so much love,

He went down the aisle backwards
so he wouldn't have to see us all
cooing and smiling at him. : )

With the beautiful bride and the groom's older brother.

Sooooooooooo after all that (isn't that enough?) and our hearts bursting with happiness...
I did note some architecture / green building notes, ha: (aside from meeting the builders of the Dogtrot Mod, I am still shaking my head incredulously at that!!!!)
First of all: SOLAR.
There was solar EVERYWHERE, and the Amish here use it not just to recharge tractor batteries.

We were struck by the comparisons between our own modern prefab house's use of solar:
Solar panels on the right, solar hot water on left.
Versus homes in Pennsylvania, where solar panels cover the entire roof:
Not just the entire roof but the yard, too!
I'm not going to say we'll never add more solar to our prefab house, but it IS amazing when you compare how minimal our own systems are vs. houses on "solar"- are they living lightly at all? And: WOW we really like the way we live, it shows how you can learn to live with so much less and barely notice it! For ourselves, the only time we notice it is when, once a year, we get about three weeks of cloud cover. But otherwise we don't even think about the fact that we live so fully on four measly solar panels, ha!
We drove home.
But it wasn't all tedious travel! (Driving is completely horrid, don't you think?)
We braked for history and science, often intertwined.

We stopped for the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center...
(Yes, if you have the opportunity, yes absolutely GO!)

Handsome Husband made us stop for every single historical marker it seemed. But it was all good.
Port Royal, VA was an interesting stop because it made you think what a shame it is so many other small towns falling into disrepair (and worse, disappearing) don't have someone with vision like they do in Port Royal to recognize the value in restoring vs. razing these structures.

With only 126 people in the town, Port Royal sure has a lot of doers. 

And then, exhausted but with hearts overflowing, we were back on the bay.

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