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Net Zero Off Grid Prefab Finds Fun On The Fourth

Summer continues, with change. Project Pony has found a great new home, we are so thrilled!
Sadly, we lost chickens to predators, while free ranging. It underscored how great the dogs are to prevent loss... and when we leave them free ranging to do errands or whatnot, we also need to leave the dogs out as well.

The off grid modern prefab house enters another year's summer, dependably. 
As usual during sailing season, we go back, and forth...
The 150+ Year Old In-Town Ramshackle
"You're there when you get to the farmhouse
with the boat in the front yard!"
Blueberries and the prefab house!
Airy summer days inside the modern prefab...
And thus it was so for our nation's 4th!
On one hand, we're steady- all this back and forth is a tradition generations old, after all.
On the other, it is good for one child, who is always making lists and checking off calendar days, to have a little spontaneity.

And so we were spontaneous.
When the quiet day of downpours and board games on the front porch stretched into days...
Bored Nephew 3 picking on the organ while it rains...

Real Men play endless board games when it rains.
Even Tiny is feeling restless in this rain.

Pip 1 walked into the house and said, "We have a new American citizen in our family, it's his first July 4th, and darned if we're not going somewhere to celebrate. LET'S GO TO THE CITY."
And so we did.
We had no plans, but plans have a way of finding us...
Unplanned parties are the best...

Reading Club:
Recipes For The 4th:
This was the best coleslaw I've made. I love an Asian influence on a southern classic! Serve on potato rolls topped with homemade bbq, with a side of the best potato salad recipe you'll ever need, Sally Bell's Potato Salad. Grill some corn sprinkled with chili and lime, a big salad, and there you go!

Coleslaw For BBQ
Shred cabbage, mix with salt, pepper, minced onion, sesame oil, rice vinegar, cumin, a touch of soy and enough Duke's mayonnaise to bind. It was great on Day 1. Day 2, fabulous.

Y'all have fun. Happy 4th.

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