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At The Off Grid Prefab And Bay A Hot Southern Summer Returns With Heat

Oh. Oh myyyyyyyyyy. We went from jeans and jackets in a downpour over last week's July 4th to *real* southern summer weather: welcome to sticky. humid. oppressive. heavy. air. with. no wind.
The passive solar design of the off grid prefab house helps hot air escape through clerestory windows and, windows open, catches any breeze that blows.

The equines are grateful for their new lean-to on the existing shed in Pasture 2 which provides further shade. (THANK YOU to C and G for their help!!!)
Oh mah gosh it's hot and hello honeychiles- welcome to the south.
Everything slows down.
Skin glows.
Afternoons are still.
We submerse ourselves in water.
On the bay, I am surrounded by off grid.

I contemplate the latest bay dock sensation: green water lights to
lure fish. It also lures boats, filled with people who neither seem to care about what's in season. It's like people who hunt deer with dogs, but on the water.

I know this latest "innovation" can deeply affect the ecosystem... what are the people who installing these water fishing lights thinking? Are they thinking about how disruptive they are? Are they musing on whether this will affect the fish population and how their cycles and habitat might change? Nah...

My It's Hot... I Miss Finland!
T'ain't underground but it will do...
This is how the south does summer...

When I become down I just look at Finland and perk up- check out what Helsinki does- they have an underground lake to cool the city!
"The city says that compared to the environmental impact from conventional air conditioning systems needed to cool the same number of buildings, their centralized cooling system is emitting about 80 percent less carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. Based on energy demand, the city also estimates that the overall energy efficiency is about five times that of a building-specific cooling systems.
But Helsinki's is not only extremely comprehensive, it's also part of a larger cooling and heating system. They city already claims the world's largest underground heat pump station, named Katri Vala, which uses "district heating"—absorbing thermal energy from wastewater to warm people's homes."
Be Respectful. For All. 
Playing at a friend's, we almost tripped upon this killdeer:
She was sitting on an egg! 
We withdrew quickly. Killdeer are fascinating...

Reading Club:
Like anyone, my heart aches for the world, and ourselves. I just want someone to read these, written by people known personally by my in-real-life friends, on this week:

Life brings us many hurdles. Let us love.

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