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Off Grid Summer At The Net Zero Prefab House

The bay is great. But each time we return to the off grid net zero modern house... it's like we are now on summer vacation and it is so much fun to be here without school hanging over the Pips! I feel like I'm in a vacation house. Wait. This IS a vacation house! While also being our steady, dependable, off grid forever home!

During the school year, we are structured and intent.
Now we are out.

It's so weird-but-fun being on vacation in our own house!!! I love it.

Nature Calls
Mrs. Fox carried away two more chickens. The flock is now on lock-down. She returned to knock on the chicken run door... only to find it firmly shut. This time of year, when Mama Animals are trying to feed almost-grown babies, is hard because they come close to the off grid prefab house, looking for a meal, when the rest of the year they would rather not be so brazen.

Keeping the canines out with the chickens helps immensely- they are great livestock guardian dogs- but that's not helpful when we're at the bay!

So it was so good to be home. We had an equine reunion. There were LOTS of hugs, albeit with a lecture when, in a blink, Pip 1 climbed onto Ze, which brought a scolding that you may ride without tack, but never without a helmet. Then the downpour began again.
But: hugs! Herd hugs are the best...

So, yeah! We are on SUMMER BREAK at the off grid modern prefab!

With back-and-forths to the bay.
One of the things we do, living off grid with a potable rainwater collection system, is test every now and then for whether the water is alkaline. So, I tested. It's not. But... always good to know!
It's good to be home.

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