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Living At The Off Grid Prefab House Is Like Living On A Boat

Growing up on the bay sailing, I often compare living off grid in a small footprint prefab house as like living on a boat. You conserve resources, maximize space, and the house adjusts for weather and seasons...
An early picture of the off grid prefab
when it first was put together...
Towing chickens at the prefab in winter...
So yes, living at the net zero prefab house can be like living on a boat.
But this week, we *were* on boats on the bay!

Well there I was *innocently* strolling down Stove Point when my friend M. pulled up. "What are you doing this week?" "Oh, NOTHING! For the first time in years we didn't sign up for Junior Week! I'm going to be sitting on my front porch reading and relaxing with a glass o' wine instead of chasing sailors!" "We need you for Junior Week!" "Ok I'm in!"

And that's how the Pips and I became Coaches to a bunch of 6 year old pirates.
Thank you, M., for making us suddenly tack and adjust our course- we are grateful, it was great- it was so rewarding to see all those tiny little Pipsqueaks turn into sailors.

Whether it be butchering, picking up rocks or hay, or teaching pirates while standing waist-deep in the bay, it is fun to put in hard work with your friends.

The Pips were great Coaches-in-Training.
On Saturday, we headed down to the Farmers Market...

Ran into our neighbor who is a pirate and was, well, pirating a pirate ship!

The Gift Of Free
The Pips seem to somehow always make money (hello, annual lemonade stands!) and want to pay for things. We don't give allowances. As a family we do chores and the Pips expect no payment- that is what needs to be done. When there IS something they want, we, within reason, are happy to get it- because, "Hello, are you a straight-A student? You are? Well guess what. I say yes to kids with good grades!"

But even then we don't buy much. I guess we're just not consumers, much...

What does your family do?

Chores without expectations in that it just needs
to get done.

One thing that both Pips enjoy is The Gift Of Free- giving your time and work to something a friend is doing.

They pick up hay, teach kids to sail, and help with mowing the lawn when a friend needs backup... and I think it is good to raise kids not to expect payment for helping, and to just do it because there was a need and they could help.

They have both gained confidence and grown by giving!

Another Gift Of Free
We went to take the trash to the dump. There, Pip 1 discovered this gem and is determined to fix and clean it up to give to his little cousin. I think it will keep him busy tinkering and learning, trying to fix it, so it's a good learning project plus I thought it was sweet he was so thoughtful!
Well, I'll just sit back now and enjoy the view after all the chaos from these days... have a great week!




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