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Fencing Continues At The Off Grid Modern Prefab House And Homestead.

Fencing continues at the off grid modern prefab house.
Fencing is not fun, but oh will we be rewarded.

But it's not all chores, here. This time of year I slowly awake, giggling as I sip coffee by the open window with my turkey call: each time that tom in the woods calls, I trash talk back. It's the small things in life that sometimes bring the greatest mirth...
Laughter is a good thing... especially when you're on weekend #3 of fencing.

Manning the spinning jenny...
Riding between fence posts...

Here is how we have laid out the homestead:
Pasture 1 on left, 2 on right,
connected at top and bottom.

Now here's the cool thing:
We have the smaller west pasture, the larger east pasture, and the two are connected to the north, with a (soon to be installed) gate, and to the south, with a fence. This leaves our "yard" as the middle area between.
"Look ma, no fence!" Ah but there is a fence.
It's just hidden below the sightline. Cool, huh?

This does so many things-
  • it removes that ugly step in fence we had for the first years to keep the dogs in and predators out - there is the illusion that we now have no fence and just a big open lawn and view- because the south fencing is hidden lower down the hill! It still keeps dogs (and equines, when they're allowed out each evening) safe and contained, you just no longer can notice it!
  • this not only keeps us secure but with an even larger secured area from predators!
  • so we have two pastures we rotate. What I underestimated was the third (middle) "yard" pasture- how much GRASS is there! If we let the equines graze 1-2 hours a day there, they are not eating down a pasture all day- horses get the majority of their sustenance in about 2 hours grazing- so they're thrilled to be eating "bigger" grass, and we're thrilled they're helping our chores by mowing!




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