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At The Net Zero Off Grid Prefab, Four Weeks O' Cloud Cover Don't Scare Me None, Y'all.

Are you kidding me? FOUR WEEKS OF CLOUD COVER?
Honeychiles, it's ok, we're still smoothing sailing at the off grid house.
We equalized the battery bank at the off grid prefab house three days in a row to boost up the battery. Once a year this might happen... and so, when it does, we do.

(Boy it makes you appreciate the months and months of regular sunshine the rest of the year!)

At least it's washing away the pollen...

With the rain, the pastures are growing like crazy.
Happy in lots of grass...
To my surprise and delight, I recognized some seedlings popping up in the garden, something I have tried (and failed) to grow for years... ARTICHOKES!
Clearly now that we have brought the horses home our garden, thanks to the manure, is reaping the rewards! Now, where there used to be red clay, asparagus garlic potatoes kale cabbage and more now grow. Food production slowly expands at the off grid modern prefab house's homestead.

With the fencing in of the second pasture done, we could move our horses and donkey over into the new pasture... they are so happy to be there! With the horses over, it was time to bring home...

This sweet pony is perfectly trained, a perfect ride. So why the project? Because he has been in a field for over two years and has forgotten how to like humans. Pip 2's project is to Little Girl-ify him. In time, he will adore Little Girls, follow them around, and beg them to ride. And then we can find his Forever Family.

In the meantime... he's just sad.
But she's working on him!
"I'm also
just a girl,
standing in front of a pony,
asking him to love her."

She: "I think he likes me!!!"
The other horses:

Welcome to the off grid modern prefab crazy family, Trigger. We're glad you're here.
Whelp, I'm heading back out into the rain. As always in population 40, I'm gonna have to deal with traffic.
Have a good week.
P.s. This week is in honor and memory of my sweet cousin Ben.

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