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Modern Prefab House Continues To Fence And Frolic

With spring, the off grid modern prefab house needs hardly any effort. There is no cook stove to start, no wood to bring in... beautiful weather... time to frolic!

The whippoorwill have returned, and sing. It is always my favorite song.

So... if I had to give top pieces of advice for someone thinking about going off grid... as I step out of the shower, readying for church, here is what I would say:
In the solar water collectors, it's hot!
In the tank... not so much.

Do not oversize your hot water tank. In our solar hot water collectors, the temperature is, with spring's approach, now hot, hot, hot! But because we oversized our hot water tank (thinking: family!), the temperature I have to bathe with is... 80.

I *could* let the tankless water heater kick in, but I hate using it, off grid-
it wastes perfectly potable water waiting for it to turn on (even when catching that excess in a watering can), draws energy, and has quite a load, so annoys me every time I use it.

Thankfully, I am in this dilemma only briefly in spring and fall. But: now you know. Don't do it.
I have just taken a cool shower, pulled on tights, and am sitting here with dripping wet hair when Handsome Husband says, "Hey, let's instead keep working on the fencing!"
I'm going to kill him.
So off we go, to fence.

BUT: IT NEEDS TO HAPPEN, NOW, because our existing, smaller pasture is eaten down and...
Pip 2 is getting a Project Pony!

Yes, our cowgirl friend C. has recently acquired a pony that hasn't been ridden or messed with in over a year, and, due to its size, can not be ridden by adults. What she needs is some little girl... Little Girl-ify this pony.

Looks like they are well on their way, even on Day 1.
He was brushed.
And braided.
And ridden.
And jumped.
And loved on, and loved on, and loved on.

The beauty of Projects is that you help a horse (or pony), you learn, you share what you learned with the pony, then they get to be matched with their perfect forever home.  NICE!

The weekend began with opera and then we dumped the Pips onto unsuspecting grandparents and high-tailed it back to the country CHILD FREE.
"Hey, let's run in to the city and dump the kids!"

Our romantic child-free weekend involved more fencing, gatherin' provisions, and sharing the road with THIS GUY.
Yep, just trotting down Main Street...

Handsome Husband LOVES to do errands as much as I abhor them.
And only Handsome Husband can make driving around the country with bags of trash romantic. He inhales and remarks, "Ahhhhh it eez just like a Southern European city, on a summer's day..."

Also: y'all. There is nothing like listening to a German belt out Big Green Tractor at the top of top of his lungs.,.
He: "Ahhhhh, ERRANDS!"
I: "Kill me."
We continue to work on fencing this week, and I am hoping it will be over soon. Once we finish bracing corners, we string wire, gates, and can finally bring the horses in! They will be so glad.
Hope y'all have a good one.

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