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Off Grid Modern Prefab House Heads In To Spring Break

You can sense spring's approach at the off grid prefab house... 

Ahhhh here comes SPRING BREAK.
Sister, who has just come of another season of Turn, called from the city.
"Let's get out of town. I've already arranged for the kids to go to grandmas, all you need to do is ditch the dogs and equines, WE ARE GOING TO ANGUILLA."

Here's some pictures my childhood friend Lauralyn took, who lives there:

It really did sound lovely- pina coladas, visits with an old friend who lives there, sailing, seafood, sand...
So she was really put out when I paused, thoughtful, and regretfully declined.

As I told Handsome Husband, "You know, it would have been great, it's beautiful, but I really *like* my life! I don't feel like I have to go somewhere or escape or anything. I really like being here!"

We say all the time that other people spend lots of money to fly across continents to discover somewhere like where we live. As we travel past open fields and vineyards we exclaim how it's so much like Spain! Or the countryside of France!

As we wind our way west with twisting roads and craggy hills, we think it's just like Austria! And we get the added bonus that we're not just passing through, we are part of this community, ALL FORTY O' US!

That's not to say we're not interested in the world and don't travel; we just don't feel compelled to escape.

So instead of sipping cocktails and snorkeling, I am picking up manure in the pasture.
I couldn't be happier.

While I was out in the pasture, sun on my face, I had a lovely visit from neighbors.
I explained that Handsome Husband was once again cutting plywood INSIDE the house, sawdust flying everywhere, and that I had not yet picked up as we were not expecting guests.

But they're guys, so who cares, they totally get what Handsome Husband is doing when it comes to weekend projects so COME ON IN and WELCOME TO THE OFF GRID PREFAB HOUSE
Twilight at the off grid modern prefab house.

Oh look! Scaffolding and sawdust again!

Usually when friends from around here stop in for the first time they note how different our style is, then we all have fun.

Our visitors today not only had fun (I hope) hanging out with me, but it was nice to have them be so genuinely interested in how the prefab was made, our recycled materials (like the VMI basketball court with which we clad the walls) and furnishings, how passive solar works, and what it's like to live off grid through the seasons in this modern prefab house.

It was fun.
I felt like I was on spring break!

Well, spring break except that I have dogs, chickens, equines and an angry feral cat for whom I must care. 
I wouldn't rather be anywhere else.

So, yep:
Spring nears, it is also egg season.
Soft boiled eggs
hard boiled eggs
very eggy pancakes
egg drop soup
quiche quiche quiche
oh: and: CREPES.

We don't bake bread this time of year it is CREPES all the way!

Wherever you are, I hope you enjoy the next warm days reminding us of spring.
I know we will.




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