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Modern Off Grid Prefab House Breaks The Internet

What happened to winter? I still have roasts and stews to make!
But nooooooo it's 70 degrees in Virginia, and in the 50s at night.

So: No cook stove. Solar cooking when it's sunny. Quick camping stove use to grill sandwiches or whip up a stir fry.

I use the camping stove as LITTLE as possible, because: propane. I don't want to use it. I don't want to use -any- fossil fuels whenever possible.

So I pulled out the electric coffee maker to brew a quick pot of coffee and DID YOU KNOW that that darned innocuous coffee maker uses MORE electricity than ANYTHING in the off grid house, even more than our water pumps?!? What the heck-a-dy-heck? IT DOES.

I just use it to brew, then unplug it. But still, every spring when I brew my first pot, I'm shocked. (Note: Instead of a glass pot, consider getting an insulated carafe so it keeps the coffee hot without further energy usage.)

When there is sun, I now solar cook. And with eggs rolling in, often it is quiche.

Not surprisingly with this spring-like weather, we are outdoors and not sheltered in the off grid modern prefab.
The shrubs we planted when we first moved here are finally growing nicely. I pruned blackberry canes on Berry Hill, and then it was time to plant one new shrub...
See that internet tower on the left?
Our connection to the world? 
It has ONE CORD running to the off grid prefab. Of alllllllllllllllllll the places to dig a hole...
Handsome Husband did what no Kardashian could do: 
Oh wait what's that in his hand?
A severed cord?

Ha... Thankfully he knows how to solder and we were saved! Just because we're off grid, doesn't mean we don't love modern technology!

The Pips' Childhood Friend Was Visiting.
Off, and out of sight, they went. I love at this age how, with their Nanny Dogs and country knowledge, they have the freedom to escape the heat and roam the cooler woods.

It was a sticky day, but the water was like ice.
The topography of this property is such that when it is time to call the Pips in, without having to chase them down, our calls echo across the valley... their responding whoops ring back and we know they'll now head in.

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