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Net Zero Off Grid Modern Prefab House Heads Out For Easter

There's plenty of sun, enough rain to refill the rainwater collection cistern, and solar cooking. If it is cold, the cook stove which also helps keep the passive solar modern prefab house warm.

The annual spring prefab house kit inquiries continue to roll in.
One of my favorite parts of my job is interacting with people all over, from all cultures and backgrounds, and learning a little about their lives. This week I had the opportunity to speak with the head of a nonprofit in Georgia, who is interested in building an R1 Residential modern prefab house there. So often you pick up the phone to answer general prefab house kit questions with a stranger, yet by the end you are both just laughing and they are touching your life and making your day better... I love that.

I have a good feeling about that potential client, and when his contractor reached out to me, days later, and was pleased with our product, the feeling that this lead might jell into another interesting project... well, we shall see.

At our own off grid passive solar prefab house, the Pips were busy. There were sticks and logs and enthusiastic canines aiding and abetting the construction of...

The Pips have caught the track bug.
Back up a bit.
This seems innocuous to you, but to we, it's HUGE.
You see, my family is TRACK.
My grandfather coached U of R, UVA, and is known for Kenyans to the U.S. to run. There is even a track meet named after him. My second track family is Kenyan- I grew up with Kip Keino as an "uncle;" the Keinos are family.

Growing up, I spent summers on the "family farm" where my grandad would have a race to keep his track team in shape over summer. Over time, athletes asked to join, and that's how the Rotherwood Races came about. Imagine being eight and ten years old passing out Kool-aide and water and salt tablets to these athletes from all over the world who wanted to run on your dinky farm so that they could say they raced with these Kenyans.
It was magic.

And I? I was All State. I was the anchor in the mile, honeychiles. I ran the 400 in 56 seconds.
So when my Pip2 started, out of nowhere, sprinting out ahead, I thought I'd "show her how it's done." Except... I couldn't catch her. Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaag.

Our offspring are suddenly running distances between farms, sprinting and making homemade hurdles... it is awesome!

Easter was great. 
We traveled to family, then returned to our off grid, modern prefab life.

The old pond where I loved to fish...

You know you're home when you pass three Amish buggies, waving madly as you pass, as they're your neighbors- it was great day, but I am always SO HAPPY to be home.
Every moment on the homestead, we are grateful to be here.
Even Handsome Husband brings a rooster
in the house!

Pasture time.

That moment when, preparing for next year's classes and assigning upcoming subjects, you realize that by mistake you taught *both* 7th and 8th grade science last year to one kid. Oh well he was going to skip to AP Earth Science anyhoo, now I know he won't miss any of the 8th grade stuff!

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