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At The Off Grid Modern Prefab With Snowmelt Comes The Warmth Of Friends

The off grid modern prefab house began the week with the homestead still in snow.
Piper the sledding chicken.

It was a great last few days of fun, but I quietly admit it was nice when it melted.
However: Snow is fun...  mud, not so much.
Building the woodshed has made such a difference in our off grid lives. The spacing between the slats allows air circulation to dry, and the boards prevent even sideways rain or snow from drenching the wood. After a few winters with wood under tarps, I can really tell the difference. With last this intense, sideways snow, all I did was knock the top logs together to get any snow off, brought it inside, let it sit awhile while prior wood burned... and each time, the wood was dry.

I have spent time with wet wood, and assure you it's no fun.
I *love* our wood shed.
Wood shed with built-in chicken run.

Inside the prefab house, we entertained ourselves. There was lots of reading, of course, and the creation of new projects.
He is building a remote-controlled plane.

It's interesting how homeschool influences our "snow days off"- Thursday and Friday were filled with excitement; but when Monday rolled around and we were still "off," the Pips decided to do a little work, a little play, on their own.
MY KIDS VOLUNTARILY WENT BACK TO SCHOOL AND I WANTED TO PLAY HOOKY. They were both in their rooms STUDYING when we should be PLAYING! I sat there, all forlorn, querying aloud into an empty room, "Who wants to ride?" : (
Pip 2, after coveting it for years, watching it hung high on the wall below the clerestory windows, convinced me to pull down my grandfather's instrument and let her have a go. For years I have encouraged music with my children, but nothing has really stuck. No flute, no violin nor piano, but NOOOOO she wants to play The Singing Treholipee.
Now I have empty wall space where the contraption once hung to muse upon...
At The Prefab: Alone vs. Lonely
As I have often mentioned, I am so happy here and never feel the "need" for company. WEEKS can go by without a visit and I am content. But. When I discovered my car battery was dead while Handsome Husband was away... in the snow... even though I knew he would return the next night, even though if there was an emergency I could use a farm vehicle to get help... I got a little stir crazy.

There is something about being content in sweet solitude
knowing you can't get off yer frickin' farm and are STUCK
to drive one
a little crazy, when otherwise one would be at ease...
Cowboy C. to the rescue!!!!
She showed up with gifts and a vehicle, and off we went for a day of adventure, OFF THE HOMESTEAD, INTO THE WORLD.

That's why I appreciate this article so much- N.C. Woman Ditches Truck, Rides Horse To Work. Because I, car-less, got that.

It was a great way to start the weekend- hand in hand with the cold snow melting, we were enveloped by the deep warmth of friendship.

To the off grid prefab house came the H's for a visit!
It was a woods walkin', horse huggin', cook stove cookin', bonfire makin', star gazin' weekend.

Everyone entertained each other, even the animals.
I suspect Pip 1 had a hand in this...
Oh look.
We have the Bremen town musicians going on here.

Reading Club:
Forest ranger finds trees have social networks, too.
There's that joke about lightbulbs...

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