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Off Grid Snowpocalypse At The Modern Prefab House!!! Another "We Are Gonna Die" Edition!

Like much of the east coast, the off grid modern prefab house was hit by Snowstorm Jonas!
It's the blizzard of 2016! WE ARE ALLLL GOING TO DIIIIIIIE!!!!!

Maybe not. At the off grid modern prefab house, we were prepared. Because, well, we always prepare for winter for easy living, off grid.

The reason is simple:
Here, our closest grocery store is 30 minutes away. 
Would YOU want to drive in 30 minutes for random items? So, we just make it a practice of being stocked.

Ah, Snow.
My southern hometown is famous for panicking at the first flake.
My hometown city grocery store, via CBS 6
Here's how we panic in the country:
How we panic in the country!!! 
Got milk from a cow!!! Made bread!!!
Ran to the feed store!!!! 


In the city, people panic and run to the stores.
In the country, we have no stores.
But we *do* have a stocked pantry and a freezer full of fresh vegetables and meat...

Country people are more stocked than city people, I think, even with their big fridges. We have shelves of canning, and freezers bigger than beds.

So. We're in a blizzard! We are alllllllllll going to diiiiiiie! 
It's so exciting!!!!

But first we have to have biscuits and sausage gravy, y'know, since we're southern and all...

Family tradition: vintage snowflake dishes when it snows!




Well, ok, wait, WE ARE ALLLLL GOING TO DIIIIIE right after this one sled run.

And maybe this one.

"What is this 'sled' of which he speaks?"

It's a little hot in the off grid modern prefab from the cook stove going and all this running around, can someone open a window?

I walked into the pasture to discuss the dire situation with the equines.

They told me they were doing dandy and could I just send up a tray of carrots at my convenience.
Our hard work this fall pays off:
a cozy, wind-free, comfortable shelter for our equines.

Well that made me feel pretty unwanted so I decided to just go inside and relax- it was stillllllll snowwwwwwwing... But now with books and Gl├╝hwein!

...and Tiny, always Tiny in a chair, keepin' us company...

The storm hit hard! Off grid, in the cozy SIP prefab house, there was nothing left to do but read, relax, and eat.

The Pips made croissants. Can you tell whose is whose?

We Ate Our Way Through The Blizzard.

There was my Ode To 1950s Chinese Food.

If you're doing 1950s, don't forget the sherry.
Especially if you're in a blizzard and are going to die.

Ode To '50s Chinese
Sauce: minced garlic ginger tamari sugar sherry fresh orange sriracha corn starch
Stir fry chicken, set aside stirred w/ some ginger & tamari (even better- shred leftover roasted chicken from the night before & add in the ginger & tamari. Mixed light & dark meat, shredded, with bits of skin, are the BEST.)
Stir fry in batches: a mountain of onion cabbage carrots green pepper mushrooms with garlic & ginger
Stir it all together & serve over rice! Mmmmmmm

If we're in a blizzard with 30mph winds and everybody is going to die, we might as well go sledding again. I was really honored they wanted me to sled until they explained they needed a "REALLY heavy weight to pack down the powder!" And: the track ends in the horse fence.

I tell ya, I'm not LOSING any weight in this blizzard: Pip 2 made marzipan.

There was fondue.

I could say we are eatin' our way through the freezer, but to do that, this blizzard would have to last for months!

Again I was grateful for my concrete slab instead of choosing something delicate for flooring.
Kids and dogs tracked in snow, ice, dirt... whatev.

He's all sad he was left behind
but he needed a rest, poor boo.

On the third day, finally, the sun came out!!!!

Swift Sled Slope calls! But first: french toast with elderberry jam! #EatingOurWayThroughSnowpocalypse

On our way to Swift Sled Slope, it was SO pretty to walk the woods...
So many tracks of wild critters, yet the woods are so quiet... well, except for the sounds of we, screaming, of course...
Not in order but, in case you wonder:
coyote fox rabbit bobcat

Once we were thoroughly frigid and filled with snow and icicles, it was time to head back to the off grid prefab house for lunch:  french onion soup, but with venison.

French Onion Soup: Tons of minced garlic and onions sauteed then add broth & white wine to it with a bay leaf and thyme. I had chicken broth so deepened the flavor by adding venison with the onions and garlic, sliced thin. Ladle into (oven proof, duh) bowls. I had made french bread a few days ago- now it made perfect croutons, topped with gruyere and parmesean, then browned in the oven.

And then it was back out to walk the woods, and discover new slopes.

This slope was pretty good. We named it "Break Yer Tail Trail." It even ends with a 5 foot drop into a creek.

All in all, blizzards can be, if you prepare, pleasant family time.
Thanks to the wood shed we built, we had plenty of easily-accessible dry wood near.
Thanks to getting and storing hay early our horses were happy and fed.
Thanks to our summer canning, spring butchering, and the local produce auction, our freezer and pantry are stocked.

Another thing I'd mention during winter (and this is what I do any week during this season) is to have vegetables in the freezer & canned, and start the week off by grabbing something in season and fresh plus something in season that lasts longer (like kale / cabbage / collards / winter squash) so you start off on days 1 & 2 with the really fresh but perishable stuff (lettuce, mushrooms), move on to the cabbages, finish the week with summer's frozen and canned vegetable bounty.
The passive solar design and energy efficient SIP combined with radiant heat and the wood cook stove kept us more than toasty.

Days through snow and wind in a small footprint home feels like... a delicious ski chalet. 
Chalet Casati. 

Ok I am running out to play...
And chase the guineas.

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