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Off Grid Prefab House In Rain Rain Rain But Not On The Parade

It rained. It rained buckets. On day 4 of driving pelting miserable rain, I decided I might as well turn the off grid modern prefab house into an ark.

What do you do with rainy weeks in the off grid prefab house?
You relax, you read, you cook up a storm with the cozy cook stove, you enjoy the reprieve of some outdoor chores...
Oh look! I'm reading Boys In The Boat in this water!

Thanks to the passive solar design of the prefab, though,
it's still nice and bright indoors...
Ah rain... nothin' to do but school.

Today's homeschool cafeteria is serving
Brunswick stew!

...and watch your battery bank go down.
Then the sun came out- we were saved!

And the off grid prefab house began charging, again.

But oh, the mud.
And mushrooms!

"C'mon, Momma, I have an adventure to show you."

The guineas began hopping up to the roof of the off grid modern prefab and that is where I draw the line. I chased them off, but it looks like it's a new thing they like, so THAT'S IT GUINEAS you are now invited to be CHRISTMAS DINNER.

There was a knock on my door.
When there is a knock on your door, at dusk, in the middle of acres and acres of no one, you don't just open the door. A cowboy stood in the rain. As the mastiffs charged the front door, I slipped out the back so I could hear him- we approached the back fence, his hat tilted up- I recognized a friend- "My wife sent me..." and smiling, he handed me a package over the fence.
Lori Belle's note is the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me. The blaze orange scarves we will cherish always.

We love y'all, P's.
And, as often things are wont to do, it came at a moment where I needed lifting. Each time I eye those scarves, I feel such love!

Now hanging handily by the front door!
Well, I'd like to report more progress on the off grid homestead but we have been busy with holiday back and forth and a friend who really, REALLY likes parades, and somehow ropes us in... AGAIN.

Again, I manned the most important job in any parade: the envious, honorable... muck bucket.
; )
This time I had an escort!
We muck bucket people are getting FANCY!

Just you wait until next year.
We muck bucket people are already working on our ROUTINE. We have a VISION for our 2016 Muck Bucket PERFORMANCE. ; )

Speaking of muck buckets, here's a picture of Pip 1 thrilled, in the pasture.

Each time he doesn't start school on time he earns 1 muck bucket load per every ten minutes. I'm just sitting back, relaxing, watching... Ahhhhhhh.

Since this policy was enacted he has become excellent with time management.

With the holidays, we go back and forth and forth, and back.
Holly Ball

But once home, it was so great to head to the woods and cull a cedar for our Christmas tree.

Reading Club:
Have a great week, y'all.



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