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Off Grid Prefab House Goes To Town And Back- InLight Loving The City Of Light.

At the off grid modern prefab house, we continued to work on the equine run-in. Off to our Amish neighbors we went, where we were able to procure lumber to fill in the framing of the run-in, creating a solid, comfortable shelter now not just from the sun's shade, but from biting bitter winter.

The equines want you to know they are pursuing their Class A Contracting Licenses and will be available to build run-ins and barns and that they are HELPFUL!
For the first time, I rode Cornbread.
I have learned so much since moving here, more about horses than I ever thought I could know, and am just scratching the surface. As my wise horse friends say, "You never know enough..." With Cornbread, I reflect on the "me" five years ago when I started riding again, and the "me" now, thanks to all my friends who live everything horse. I am grateful for the support, tips, training, and teasing which encourages me to challenge myself when I would rather balk. With Cornbread, I relive Jax, but things are way different now.

This is a new journey, and we begin.

Walking the land, we ran across a good example of crop tree release that we practice:
Here is an oak sapling, surrounded by competing undesirable trees, whose crowns are edging it out:

The donkeys. So cute. So killah. With horse back-up.

Rifle season was to begin this weekend, but we got an early start, Friday.
Dear Unethical Hunters,
Please note we ethically-hunting farms all along Tower Road have **all** gotten donkeys. When you purposely run your dog across ours (hello, rifle season doesn't start until tomorrow but you know that too)... Well, to whomever did, well... sorry 'bout that dog... And now the donkeys are mad and ready for the next one.

With cookstove season underway, the Pips are enjoying going through cookbooks and selecting meals for them to make. This week Pip 1 made a great Portuguese BBQ topped with... mango! Not yer traditional Southern BBQ, y'all, but it was great.
We also are having fun re-arranging Pip 1's room. Moving the bed to face south instead of east totally has changed the floorplan! I'll take more pictures but it is fun to switch out the layouts every now and then and see the impact that makes.
We headed into the city for cotillion, art, and playdates.
(I always crack up that this is a city playdate. But it is.)

That's when the Islamic State attacked Paris.
I feel like this story says it best.
"...This is not the side of Paris seen by tourists or business travelers; rather, it’s an area where actual Parisians and people from the banlieues hang out and mix together. They might have gentrified, yet these neighborhoods have retained their proletarian and ethnically-mixed flavor. That whiff of authenticity is part of the neighborhood’s attraction for Parisian Bobos, as they call themselves. The banlieues are the cities and housing projects surrounding Paris, where most of the French youth of immigrant descent live (contrary to popular imagination, the banlieues are far from desolate ghettos, “no-go zones” or breeding grounds for jihadists: they are difficult yet vibrant and dynamic places).
This is the land of hipster socialists. These neighborhoods recently elected a female socialist mayor, as well as a slew of Green Party candidates, even as the rest of the country voted for the more conservative and anti-immigration parties on the Right.
Tonight’s attacks show the same uncanny sense of symbolism as the January massacres. They targeted neighborhoods where people are more inclined to be tolerant, liberal and progressive. And they targeted the greatest monument to France’s multi-ethnic, pluralistic success: the hallowed ground of the Stade de France."
What the world will decide to do, we shall see. 
The night after, we went to InLight.
Like Paris, we go about our normal life, celebrate life, have fun while quietly mourning the dead.

InLight Loving The City Of Light:
There was art. Culture. People of, and from, everywhere. Laughter. Love.

Take that, ignorance.

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