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Off Grid Modern Prefab House Thinks Wood Sheds To Cabins

It was such a gorgeous fall week at the off grid modern prefab house... We continue to cut wild cherry for firewood as well as the health of our animals, as part of our crop tree release plan which allows "good" trees to then have room to breathe and grow.

My walkin' in the woods companion.

So my thoughts turn to a modern wood shed... 
We have that chicken run which we need to reconsider... We thought it would be great to stack wood around the back of the run, which then creates insulating "walls" to help the chickens stay warm through winter, which is slowly depleted and by spring then opens up to give them a nice airy spring breeze.

As we continue to cut wood for the upcoming years, we will simply build holz hausens where we fell each tree, until it's time to move the wood to the wood shed. Cool!

Meanwhile I'm searching for wood shed plans that are simple and modern.
Here's a few I saw that I liked:
From here.
From here.
From here.
What I like about these modern wood shed designs is that they, with pitched roofs, also allow easy rainwater collection via rainbarrels for the garden, and can easily, later, be repurposed into a guest summer cabin if we like.

Leave Me, Leaves
No leaves here! Wait. What's that?
I pulled up to an Amish friend's house, where she was out front, raking.
"Where's another rake, woman?" She handed it over, and we talked awhile and raked.

"Do you have a lot of leaves at your house?" she asked. I became puzzled, trying to remember my lawn... "No, it's odd, I mean, I think my trees are about as close to my house as yours, but I just don't think we get a lot of leaves for some reason..."

A few days later I returned. "WELL. After I left your house, I got home and suddenly ALL I COULD SEE WERE LEAVES. LEAVES, EVERYWHERE. Your need to rake was contagious! That's all we've done, since! THANKS A LOT!"

Roosters haven't even finished crowing... IT'S STILL DARK!
Yet I looked out and the industrious child is already busy.

With my friend C., we had a wonderful Girls Day.
Some ladies have Girl Time by getting manis / pedis. 
We go haul fence posts.

On our way back, thinking about lunch, waiting for the Drugstore Grill to open, we meandered Brookneal. We moseyed into the hardware store, thrift store, antiques... and a soap shop.
This nice shopkeeper gave us lots of soap recommendations...
"All the soap here is delicious! And try the roses!"

It was almost time for the grill to open... we were hungry! So we decided to hover close. And noticed some men entering an unmarked doorway in a building with no sign. In... and out... and in...
"Wow. It's like some Good Ole Boy's Club, not open to the public, just for friends of Fred's or something!"

I couldn't resist:
"Hey C. When we walk by that door let's walk by reaaaaaaaaaaaaaal sloooooooowly!"
So we did.

Right then, the same man poked his head out! "Hey ladies! It's ok, you can come on in!"
And inside... a pub in England... or maybe a sleepy Southern manufacturing town where guys were just leaving after a long night shift, sat a few boys finishing their second cold beer as the owner cheerily told us he was about to close up shop!
"Tell me all about this place!" So he did.

Back at the off grid modern prefab house, the fence posts were unloaded, which means that soon, another Girls Day will involve fencing the second pasture!
The horses are now at ease, so it was time to start training Cornbread...I could not be more pleased with Cornbread's progress. He had his first official lesson this week and learned, learned, learned... no tantrums, no cow kicks, no ears back... He is proving that he's smart, confident, and able to learn without the snark or touchiness that many more seasoned horses have. I'm excited. (Plus C. said he's putting weight on nicely!)
C. teaching Cornbread to lunge.

I decided to try some tack on Cornbread, and then: a very bittersweet moment... Our beloved Riata's tack fits. 

It's been almost 2 years since she passed. I think about her every day. I was going to change his colors, but think I'll keep them, in her honor, and for all of our friends who have fought cancer.
At the F's, we continued to... pick up rocks so they can create a new hay field. Just another day, glamorous, picking up rocks... ; )
Endless fields of... rocks.
I see all you fancy hiking people making zen rock art...
You want to make rock art?

This is what happens when you get a friend who was Goth to pick up rocks.
I MADE GRAVES. Here rests Jebidiah.

T: "JEBIDIAH?!? Never heard of him!"
"That's because I. Took. Care. Of. Him."

And look what happened to Mouthy Martha.

Here rests Billy The Bully. We don't tolerate that nonsense in these parts...

Well after picking up rocks and making all those graves they decided to have races. Because: energy.

Here's one way to find yer soul. #OldShoeSole
See, 'round here we all work hard, together, and that's a lot of fun.
But honeychile, I'm so tired I'm going to sleep like a...
I stumbled back into the off grid prefab house, grateful for the cook stove on a cold evening, into the warmth and comfort of the modern prefab home.


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