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Off Grid Modern Prefab House Enters Rifle Season With Trail Rides, Hard Work, And Venison.

We are entering our fourth winter at the modern off grid prefab house.
We're still not done. We have another pasture to fence in, a lean-to to build for the shed in that future pasture so the horses can have shelter there, too. We are finishing the run-in (need to paint it) and a wood shed we are building with scrap lumber- check out the initial structure, it's looking pretty nice!

The wood shed wraps around the back half of the chicken run, providing shelter, also space to store a few tools we use near the off grid prefab, and, of course, wood.
Look closely and you can see the run below, extending out.

Pip 1 immediately found another new use for the woodshed/chicken run, I see.

Now that it's rifle season, and cold, we can move on to the indoors of the modern prefab house to continue finishing work- the bathroom walls are still not finished- they are insulation + landscape fabric just to cover it! And we have little areas to finish along the great room's roof... and finally, all this time I've been looking at cloth covering the closets, it sure would be nice to finish them with sleek, modern sliding doors.

But Hard Work Was Never So Fun
I love how, here, we work every week so hard to build structures, pick up rocks off fields, move wood and cut felled trees... but we do it with friends. An afternoon of hard work not only gets something done, it's fun!

Sunday we spent the afternoon loading and hauling away huge logs with the D's, from felled trees on C's farm. It helped everybody- it got rid of an eyesore / fire hazard, while providing our families with wood!

Bonus fun was sipping a glass of wine with Miz D in the beautiful log home she and her husband built, themselves. The log home is better insulated than most- they made sure to insulate between each log so that the interior is not only beautiful but energy efficient. Here's a couple of pics I took awhile back:
At the off grid modern prefab house rifle season is here so we are swathed in blaze orange when we are in the field. 
Blaze orange Cornbread!
DANE-yul Boone.

Because of clear cutting in our area, our deer count here is still low so I won't hunt our own property until they rebound, more.

But C. took on her farm (with a healthy population) a nice buck. We came over to inspect it, and were gratefully gifted venison.
Venison and backyard eggs for breakfast.

Riding Free
That moment you find out whether y'all can really ride or if all these years you've just been on a pony ride: trail ride with Carey. : ) Across creeks, through deep pools, up and down insane inclines, along ledges, and don't forget the jumping off the BOULDER part... We survived, thrived, and it was FUN.
I'm still reliving THE BOULDER. What is it, a five foot straight drop? (Off a BOULDER?) Oh myyyyyy gosh it was a challenge but FUN!!!!
Here are some calmer moments:
Throwback Pictures As I Reflect On Our Off Grid Life:
Ironic how this shows up on my Facebook profile while I'm wild-haired in the pasture, in nothing but blaze orange, galoshes, and my night gown, no?
At a friend's wedding in Scotland. Hey look, I brushed my hair!
Cornbread and I: "Hahahahahahahahahahaha!"
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