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At The Modern Prefab House We Reflect Off Grid Life And Lifestyle.

It rained at the off grid modern prefab house.
We have so many days of sunshine around here that we welcome weeks with weather- it's a good opportunity to quietly read, rest, and enjoy the indoors of the passive solar prefab house.

Reading, with kittens on my lap!

You can see that even with gray rainy days the inside of the prefab house allows plenty of daylight.
LOVE the daylighting here!

She's not an owl anymore she's Hawk Woman.

Even with this rain we have moments of charging!
...and our cistern is full!

It's great to follow the rhythm of weather and seasons, off grid in the prefab house... we are always so busy outdoors, coming inside is an opportunity to quietly rejuvenate.

I often spend days like this organizing, cleaning, and in doing so, found artifacts of our past, pre-"off grid prefab house" life as I cleaned out an old purse:

For varying reasons, we have been reminded much of our "past life" this week. It's odd to look at these remnants... I remember looking around at our "successful" life and thinking, "Really? So we've done all this and this is it?!? How boring..." A subtle panic set in, as the awareness of "is this IT?" rose to our consciousness...

We are so grateful we had an early "mid-life crisis" and began our nomadic-but-steady life. 

Home has never felt so good, so content, so full of laughter.

I was working, looked down:
Laptop kittens!

But all is not easy in the country, here at the off grid prefab house:
Here, guinea fowl scold as the coyote packs near.

Every day we must be well-run, prepared. But once we are stocked and steady, we enjoy the tough months with comfort and ease, thanks to the prefab off grid house with SIP!

We look back on those years of "ease," and are grateful every day to live here, off grid, which some might consider life as "harder" but where our lives are now so full.

Who's stalking whom, kitten?

Homeschool cafeteria! Shrimp pasta today...

Now, at the off grid modern prefab house we are kind of down to the wire on outdoor projects because rifle season nears. Why is rifle you want to be up on the prefab house lowering solar panels, in the field finishing the run-in, or cutting and stacking wood when the properties all about you are filled with rifle-toting hunters with no respect for property borders?

(Don't get me wrong- I come from a family of / am a hunter. But there are some seriously unethical hunters here.)

The good news is that, after four years of running people off our land who are trying to get away with illegal hunting, now by the most part they know I (and my family) are here, that I'm aggressive towards their transgressions, and on a first name basis with the game warden/ law when it comes to illegal hunting.

I'm starting to get more comfortable that they now know we're here, that they now don't assume things moving on our field are just deer but also humans and horses and dogs.

Blaze orange flags attached to our pasture fences also help note this field is now for equines and adds further safety for our beloved animals.

Finally, after ten days of tolerating the new horse, Zena and Cornbread became friends!

We also discovered Cornbread is SO helpful!!!
I didn't know he could build a run-in...

The beautiful Hunter's Moon filled the modern prefab house at night... Pip 2 and I never sleep during full moon stages... wakeful, yet restful.

Even restless, we love the full moons. Pip 1 was semi-asleep before we raaaaaan out to kiss the moon goodnight. Standing together quietly talking, watching the clouds pass (so fast!) overhead... magical.

I had fun playing with pictures of the moon shining in to the ‪‎prefab‬'s "stars..."

Here is a great place to view the planetary conjunction, and we did. Venus! Mars! Jupiter! All there! My silly phone did not capture well the magic of what we viewed in person.

So here's another:
 Credit and copyright: John Chumack
And from Shenandoah National Park:

Halloween approached the modern prefab house.
We have entered a new era of Halloween with Pip 1. Halloween now means massive dance parties. Lawz help me.

Back at the off grid modern prefab house, we savored every last second as our Kitten Story came to a close, and their new story with their forever families, begins.  We all know that where we live in the country, kittens are just another word for "snack." They are lucky to be alive and have loving city homes now!

For those who are interested in the kittens' families:
Phoenix, the bottle-fed baby who loves hustle and bustle and dogs, is going to a family with twin teenage girls, a cat, and a dog.

Georgie, all precocious yet so serene and sweet, is going to a friend who works with autistic children. When she gets home after a tough day she will have sweetness and playful kitty to cuddle.

And Bagheera, our little wild panther? Went to a family with a little boy to romp and stalk and jump around with!

It was like Harry Potter's sorting hat- everyone is where they should be.

And the off grid prefab is quiet, quiet, quiet after this week.
Sadly, happily, we are now kitten free. IT IS VERY QUIET HERE. We are looking forward to getting pictures of all the kittens in their new homes.

And thus, our kitten story comes to an end.

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