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Party In The Off Grid Prefab House! Hurricanes and Nor'easters Don't Scare SIP Houses, Y'all.

The off grid prefab house met the nor'easter and hurricane's approach with grace. The Nor'easter hit, the hurricane neared.
"'I cannot stress enough the imperative for Virginians to focus on the rainstorms that are headed our way tomorrow and Friday, well before Hurricane Joaquin could potentially impact Virginia,' McAuliffe said in a statement. 'The forecast of up to 10 inches of rain in areas across Virginia could result in floods, power outages and a serious threat to life and property. As we continue to track the path of Hurricane Joaquin, I have instructed the Secretary of Public Safety and Homeland Security to make every preparation for a major event Thursday and Friday.'"

It rained sideways. For days.
We ran to the shed: it was time to bring the shed kitties to the off grid prefab house, even if we can't get Momma Kitty in.

It might be blowing and blustering and freezing rain pinging sharply sideways outside...
Inside the prefab house, it was quiet, comforting, cozy.

A good week to read, have a Hurricane Kitten Party, just... relax.
Extreme weather scares no SIP prefab house
"...SIP buildings can be engineered to meet or exceed building code requirements in all areas of the country susceptible to severe storms and hurricanes.

SIPs can be engineered to meet or exceed just about any building design requirements for severe storm and high wind areas. Structurally, a structural insulated panel is similar to a steel I-beam. The skins are adhesively bonded to a solid foam core over the entire panel surface. The skins act like the flanges of an I-beam, and the rigid core provides the web of the I-beam configuration. This composite assembly results in increased stiffness, shear strength, and predictable performance."

Off grid, our cistern is full & a summer's worth of canning in the pantry... I felt like I should do SOME sort of hurricane prep at the off grid modern prefab so there you go, I charged up the battery bank and equalized it. *Yawn*
Come on ovah if you need anything...

But not all of our structures are hurricane-worthy! The Run-In for the equines is not quite done!
We rushed to brace the recently built (yet not quite finished) run-in for the winds. We braced it, put up some temporary plywood to shelter the equines, then ran for the shed and grabbed kittens.
Bracing the run-in and adding temporary wind break.

"We're helping!"

The moment we stomped our way, icy rain stinging our faces, into the prefab house with the run-in secured and kittens in hand, the wind HIT.

So we couldn't get any work done- the wood cutting, the fence holes, the hay transport, the million zillion chores one has every weekend...

It was raining sideways, the trees were waving... 
A Bright Spot In Everything: A Weekend Chore Reprieve.
We've got a prefab full of KITTENS!

"We're watching our first French film!"

One kitten has kicked the mastiff-mixes out of their bed and has taken their bone (and a few victim dust bunnies along with it). Others are mountaineering on my pile of cook stove logs. And I just caught the third kissin' mah husband!

"We're mountaineers!"

"I'm the most punk kit-ten evah.
Got the dog bed, got the bone, kicked the mastiffs off..."

Our small community, population 40, hosted Homecoming, the annual homecoming for family members now away, or, for we, our family that never grew here. And in blew, with the storms, Nephew 3.

He didn't care rain was pelting sideways. He just wanted to be in the pasture. City boy has always had a country heart. Love him.

It might have been a mess. A cold icy rain-sideways and blowin' the roofs off mess. But we had fun.
It was a wonderful Everything Is Blowing Sideways So Just Relax In Yer Pajamas time. A time to spend quietly with family, laughing, creating puppet shows and kitten parties and nephew time.

I would be remiss in not mentioning Pip 1 is now 13...
He has such love, humor, and kindness, even when threatening to toss his sister "into a dumpster in New York City!" She made him cards and pictures and a sword so I think he'll keep her.

Reading Club:
The rain is still cold and gusting sideways. 
The trees are bending and waving wildly.
But at the off grid prefab house, we don't even consider turning on heat, we're safe, we're cozy, we have KITTENS.
Stay safe, y'all.

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