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Modern Prefab House Finds Farm Fun

At the off grid modern prefab house, this time of year we concentrate on outdoor chores.

Once rifle season and winter sets in, we return to finishing the interior of our off grid prefab house- which means scaffolding will again sit in my living room while we finish the rooms with recycled VMI basketball court and plywood...

In the meantime we track down and haul hay, cut wood, work on finishing the run-in for the horses, mow the field, and start preparations for fencing in the other half of the field.

It was a chore- and fun-filled weekend.
We have been busy scaring up hay for the new horse. Finally, at an Amish neighbor's, I scored. On the day of pickup, they were nowhere to be found! A note on the door read, "Gone to the auction!"

So off to the auction we went! It was an Amish farm selling farm equipment, lumber, all kinds of farm stuff, with the usual group of wives selling pies, cookies, sandwiches... and this time, via a visiting older Amish woman from Pennsylvania, rugs. As I admired them, we struck up a conversation. I admired their color scheme- earthy tones with pops of bright modern colors... She smiled and mentioned her husband could no longer work and this is the only thing he can now do so my compliments were appreciated...

I was going to move on, as I don't really need a rug at our happily rough-and-tumble prefab house (hello, that's why I have concrete floors- for all the mud and fun!) when she mentioned her diabetes, the loss of half of her leg...
"GIMME THE DANGED RUG, WOMAN..." and I pressed money into her hand, and off I happily carted the *beautiful* rug that I would not have otherwise treated myself, but was thrilled to see how a treat for me was a benefit to her family.

As we left with the prized rug, we also got a treat for the Pips: These donuts... about the size of their head, for $1 apiece at the Amish auction.

Cornbread, the horse we looked at last week, has come home to the off grid prefab house!

This is what Zena thinks of him:

She's not happy but they're settling in.

There was Autumnfest.
What is Autumnfest, you say? Oh, we love Autumnfest! Picture a beautiful farm, bluegrass, Brunswick stew, a ginormous hay castle (with slides!), and lots of running into friends. Y'all come!

We also went to the friendliest equine obstacle fun we could hope for! Loved the mix of seasoned/green and English/Western! Count us in for next year!

And the rest of the day we picked up rocks on a friend's field.
'Cause that's what we call fun & a play date 'round here.
; )

Earlier this week, I left the kids busily schooling to take my daily walk to our mailbox...

It's where I get to stretch my legs mid-morning, enjoy the sun's rays, scented air, beautiful trees... I sigh, relax, retrace my steps down the beautiful drive...
and found this:
Bridle-less, bareback, with just the lead rope for reins, what I came back to: "Wheeeeee!"

Yes he's goofing off, instagramming.


And Finally, We Ready For Halloween.
It's amazing what you can make with scissors, cardboard boxes and rags- now, an owl with feathers.

This is our last week of kittens, before they go to their forever homes.
We will miss them playing and popping out of bookcases at us.

The lamb and lion...

Reading Club:
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    Flour Sack Dresses From The Flour Mills
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    By the time WWII dominated the lives of Americans, and cloth for fabric was in short supply due to its use in the construction of uniforms, it was estimated that over three and a half million women and children were wearing garments created from feedsacks."

Have a great week.

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