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Off Grid Modern Prefab House Works On The Homestead

We are now settled back in to the off grid modern prefab house.

We are finishing our battery bank testing for the upcoming year, which I will write about in detail. This was a new battery bank we purchased this winter, and from the first week there is a puzzle we are sorting out, with the manufacturer.

We felt welcomed back with beautiful rainbows and big horse hugs.

We are finishing (thanks to C. and G. who had the knowledge and helping hands) our pasture fence to bring our horse home.

The fence is solar, of course.

We are also busy building a run-in for our horse(s).

Next week we finish the run-in with cladding...

Upon return, it rained.
Here is NOT a great way to use my solar cooker, but at least the rainwater cistern is filling...

Oh, wait: Add to your list of off grid chores that reminder to check and clean your rainwater filter regularly! Oops.
You can see here how, with all the gunk, overwhelmingly the spinning water does not go into the side filter, hence into the cistern, but straight down to the overflow pipe. Dag.

I'm just batting a thousand this week, aren't I?
I cleaned the filter and it's all ready to go for upcoming rain next week, and thankfully, upon inspection, our cistern is currently about 90% full.

I was also testing out our GE Idylis, which, if you remember, replaced our Haier chest freezer-turned-into-an-off-grid-fridge. My impression when we purchased it this summer was, "Oh. It's so deep! And narrow! I will not like it as much."
Au contraire, mon frère...

The Haier freezer-turned-into-fridge

Here's why:
  • I was a fan of the Haier because it had that second drawer with a warmer temperature. I was so excited about that second drawer... .
  • The Haier was wider. I thought I would lose space.
Instead, I am in love with the Idylis- 
  • That second drawer I raved about in the Haier, when used on a timer for off grid to become a fridge, never got colder than lukewarm. Daaaaaag. There goes the Cold Beer Drawer we so anticipated...
  • With the timer, with the GE Idylis, there is also a temperature control at the bottom that also helps you adjust to the "perfect" temperature. Of course I prefer to adjust the TIMER so that the "fridge", the chest freezer converted to an off grid fridge, goes on LESS, using less power, than to just adjust the temperature it runs to; however, that extra modulating control certainly helps to make things ideal.
  • We use 2-3 baskets hanging on the top of the Idylis to keep dairy, veggies elevated. The right hand shelf is perfect for meats, condiments, and the bottom is an almost icy perfect temperature for ice tea, milk, wine/beer.
  • It is more narrow but the levels via baskets I can easily swat from one side to the other + the shelf + the floor creates so many temperature levels yet so ACCESSIBLE because the baskets slide back and forth really easily. I am already sold on it more than the Haier. 
  • The Haier lasted three years. Three! Maybe it was four, but still! We will see how the GE Idylis performs in under the same off grid chest freezer converted-with-a-timer conditions...
It is SO nice to be back in the QUIET country!
So quiet...
Oh. Wait. What is that sound in the shed, coming from inside the vintage Malm fireplace stored there?

Momma Kitty took off with two, leaving one behind. Even with the food I put out, she never returned for #3 so...

Ahhhhh sooooooo quiet in the country...

Wait. You caught a what?

And a what?

May you all have a quiet (and adventure-filled) week!

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