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Off Grid Modern Prefab House Homestead Finishes Fencing Finding Fun In Hard Work

At the off grid prefab house, we are still busy also doing fall maintenance chores- weeding the garden, planting lettuce and cabbage seedlings, and... picking sumac.

It's been a beautiful fall week at the off grid modern prefab house...

It's amazing what you can get done with good friends and hard work.
Because of our friends' knowledge, hard work, and help, we are ready to bring our horse home!
The fence is done, the run-in frame and roof are on, and we are calling it a day!

One of the things I love about living here is that hard work is always social and fun. Whether it be butchering at the A's, picking up hay for friends, or building a structure, it's always somehow fun.
We're not the only ones building things at the off grid homestead... Pip 2 has been very busy with a hacksaw, scissors, and her Adventure Cape creating houses, forts and outfitting every one of her toy horses with new outfits.
A girl and her hacksaw.

"This is my Adventure Outfit!"
A sack on her side, warm hat, traveler's cape.

Kitty is growing and growing, and attended her/his first Wine Festival, Sans Soucy's Shrimp & Wine Fest!

If you are in Richmond / Lynchburg and looking for a fun day trip, looking for a festival that is bustling but not overrun, this is a great festival to enjoy, especially with kids as the set up places the vineyard beyond, the band in the middle of a basin, so you can lay your picnic blanket (they even let you bring and set up your own shade tents/tables!) along the rim and look easily down to see the kids run wild.

The wine. And the food. And great music for a lazy fun afternoon under the grapes!
Rain threatened but never came. It was a relaxing, beautiful way to spend a Saturday.
Bottle feeding = we take kitty everywhere...

"I'm from Uzbekistan!"
"I'm from Russia!"
But they speak the universal language of "KITTY!"
If you are a foodie make sure to check out Brookneal's Drugstore Grill- their tent sold the hands-down best crabcake sandwich I've ever eaten and I grew up on the Chesapeake Bay!
Reading Club:
So this week we finally, FINALLY bring Zena home. More on that, and the off grid prefab house, next week. 

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