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Modern Prefab House In The Bay Area Has Planning Approval! Onward!

The modern passive solar prefab house in the northwest / the Bay Area has Planning approval! Onward we go to the building department! Now that this project is a go, go, GO, I am going to give it a tag so that people can follow this prefab house kit project's story.

For the latest updates, you can now click on the Prefab House Project R1 Residential Outside Of San Francisco for this story as it develops.

I will be busy rustling together the client, architect of the modern prefab house, The R1 Residential, and the distributor this week, following up with the engineer and contractor, then bringing the whole team together.

The next step for us would be to get the project into the final Shop Drawing phase and prepared for panel production...

At my own modern prefab house, the casa ti from Green Modern Kits, our big news is OUR HORSE IS NOW HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
She realized that if she came down to THIS
side of the pasture, she can see her humans in there!

"Hey little humans! Come out to play!"

Also: Welcome, Cocoa Puff!
Cocoa Puff, a 1 year old miniature donkey, is on generous loan from our friends The Ws, to keep our horse company until we figure out our next steps. One big concern I have for adorable Cocoa Puff is albeit a donkey, she is a miniature donkey and not a Kick A** donkey you would feel confident would make gruel of a pack o' coyotes. We are discussing this issue, now. In the meantime, she is... ADORABLE.

The guinea fowl, however, told the equines they'd better back away from the prefab until they decided they were part of their flock. The equines looked at them good-naturedly and went, "Meh."
At the off grid prefab house this time of year, we reverse our summer window opening/closing schedule. In summer, we open the windows at night, catching the cool air, then close the windows at dawn.

It is way too early for cookstove season- where we heat the passive solar off grid prefab with wood, heating the *entire* prefab house via a small firebox 18"x8 1/2" wide!

But we don't even think of starting a fire until it's well under the mid-30s. Yet at night it now falls into the 40s and 50s... so we now, opposite of what we do in summer, CLOSE the windows at night (or just crack them), and OPEN them once the outside warms up, in the afternoon!

For a Population 199, Pamplin sure knows how to celebrate. I was too busy socializing this year to take many pictures of Celebrate Pamplin Day. It was that good of a time.
These folks had a shoot-out! And kidnapped the mayor!
In Pamplin Cit-tay, shoot-outs are social.

There was cake! And crafts!
And cars!
And more good news! The Momma Kitty who had kittens in the Malm fireplace was *not* eaten by coyotes but has returned, with the other two kittens, to the shed! We are leaving her food and water, which she takes, and starting to tame the other kittens so we can find them homes.

...OR TWO...
In the meantime, before everyone breaks down the off grid prefab house's door for a kitten, we're busy stacking and cutting wood, sowing seed, and chasing each other about at the off grid prefab home.

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