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Summer Sandbars And Sailing Send Us Off Towards Fall

Meteor showers, boats, camaraderie, cooking... that was this week.
Yet there was that one conference call with a green builder in Texas to discuss a Dogtrot Mod in spring 2016...
What excites me is that he's a commercial contractor, experienced in SIP, knows the Texas distributor well already and their solid reputation, and is passionate about building green. There is no convincing him about the performance and long term savings of SIP, the house kit business model, the value of passive solar design... HE GETS IT, the whole shebang... in fact, he speaks on it, so I am looking forward to including some of his keynotes in the next blog or two, for your interest!

He is finalizing his land purchase in the coming weeks, and I am looking forward to sharing more about him, the property, and that modern prefab house project!

At our passive solar off grid prefab house, fencing has begun on the field so we can bring our horse home. 

You might recall how this spring lines were dug alllllllllll over our yard to bring water & electric to two fields-
Thankfully, with the unexpected rain we had over summer, it seems like the grass has done well and hidden all the digging!

In the meantime, we had a week of guests at The In-Town Ramshackle On The Bay- dear, dear friends The L's, visiting; friends so dear you don't need to entertain- the kind of perfect guests where in one house some can read, some can nap, some can choose to chase chickens, dogs, climb trees, and scream.
All is well.

Over The L's visit, we would joke how "...all this relaxin' is exhausting!" 

The word of the week, which Mrs. L endlessly poked fun of me for using, was "rally."

"Should we rally to watch the perseids meteor shower?"
She'd cock her head at me, raise an eyebrow... I would yawn, stretch, then "rally" to lounge around the sailing club's pool in adirondack chairs, neck craned, a group of us gasping and whooping with joy over each huge display.
From Flickr- for more great photos, go here!
"Should we rally to go to the sand bar?"

"Should we rally to sail with the H's?"

We rallied.

The sad taste of fall is in the air. 
As Mrs. L remarked with a sigh, 
"August is the Sunday of summer..."
It is the end of the Pip's sailing team's season, which ended with a lovely cookout, and so many good friends, good memories...

Yet I am homesick for life on the off grid prefab house, for things to settle back into structure, back to normal, the hours back into traceable patterns.
Mrs. L's Famous Softshell Crab Sandwich
The key is to soak the crabs in milk first, which makes them sweet and tender. Then ask the store which breading is their favorite, and use that to fry them in hot, hot, hot melted butter. Grab a slice of Handsome Husband's homemade bread (two slices would be too much!), lather with Duke's or homemade mayo, sea salt, pepper, slices of ripe, ripe, ripe tomatoes, and top with crab.
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh my.

It may be edging towards fall, and bittersweet- with each week one more group of children returns home, returns to school, returns to Normal Life Not Nautical.

But our group of dear friends are already making plans for fall fun at the off grid prefab house- stay tuned.
Photo by Mr. H

Pirates, off.

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