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Off Grid Modern Prefab House! We're Home! Off Grid Rhythm Returns.


Home home home home HOME. Back on the land, back at the modern off grid prefab we love and know so well...
We are so happy but exhausted.

Earlier this week, on the bay, thigh-deep in the pool, I felt the water's telling chill. Suddenly, a V of honking geese flew over: it was time to head home.

Every time the geese flew this week, Pip 2 would stare me down:
"MOMMA... the GEESE are FLYING..."
Yep. We all knew it was time.

So home we came, home to our off grid prefab house!

At the off grid prefab house, we just got a new (to us) tractor to help the homestead!
When considering tractors for a homestead, consider: it's better to invest in equipment where, if you upgrade later, it is still useful. Also, we are firm believers in investing in less, but trustworthy equipment, vs. investing huge amounts of money into huge tractors we use once or twice a year, where we will never recoup our investment.
Adorable. Doesn't it look like Wall-e?

The season of summer on the bay is crazy chaos, fun, complete madness.
We are glad to be back home, with rest, structure, quiet contentment... back to our rhythm. 

But the last week on the bay was a blast.
The Pips joined up with the 420s, ha!
Sailor Crab Boil with friends...

Beautiful huge moon...
The Ramshackle at night.

Tomato Pie, BBQ Style
Instead of my basic tomato pie recipe, use some leftover savory bbq and cooked (in it) savory bbq/ onions for the regular normal uncooked minced onions. I did, and served it up at our last Sailor Social... those sailors ate. it. up.

Traveling is hard. I extremely dislike it.
Especially with a car full of childrenz, dawgs, chickens, and guinea fowl!

But I made it, thanks to Kat, Carey, and Zena!
Kat because as the thought of driving the distance began to daunt me, I heard her voice bubbling about how much FUN road trips are and how much she loves them.

THIS is the bridge.
When a humongous bridge came into view and I began to panic, Carey's trainer voice, as always, assured me just like when she's giving a riding lesson, "You've GOT this. DON'T anticipate what can go wrong- you can DO this."

And as the car wove it's way on a thin asphalt strip high into the sky, when all I wanted to do was roll out of the car to curl up on the side of the ramp, hugging the ground, suddenly I WAS RIDING ZENA. And I was tall, because you're *always* tall on Zena, but I could look at and focus on the *road* and not look at how high we were in the air. And Zena and I *rode* over that bridge, Zena and I picked our way back down, and as I exhaled, now driving, on ground level, Zena's spirit urged me home.
via VA Dept of Transportation
via Fluor
So we're settling in to the off grid prefab house- exhausted but happy. 

I will be writing more about our off grid prefab house and homestead projects in more detail, next week.

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