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A week of sailors racing on the bay, while we slowly renovate the 150yr Old In-Town Ramshackle.

He took the mower from my hands and told me to "...go take a break!"

We have been busy with racing, relatives, and restoration; honestly I have not had time this week to follow up on the two prefab house kit possible projects' permitting and property hunting and how they are progressing. After this week things will start to simmer down here and I can better report back.

Tiny enjoying the view at the
passive solar off grid prefab house.

Summer is still not done, so we go back and forth between the off grid, energy efficient, passive solar prefab house and the 150year old in-efficient leaky but beloved In-Town Ramshackle. Technically summer should be "half over," but with all the different school systems starting (as early as today!) throughout August and sailing coaches leaving for college I suddenly feel like summer is almost over- I am desperate to get my summer season in before heading back to the off grid prefab house for the year!

So I'm back at the 150 year old In-Town Ramshackle cookin' up a storm. 

Someone's gotta feed these hungry sailors! 
Pirates with War Paint readying for a race.

I'm also putting up jam, pasta sauce, roasted red peppers and more for us to enjoy over the winter at the off grid prefab house, without using valuable off grid refrigeration space.

Off grid, I can as much as possible, storing in every spare shelf or corner space (and even under furniture, ha!)... By canning summer's bounty I have delicious, healthy food on hand all winter at the off grid prefab house yet don't cram my small chest-freezer-turned-into-a-off-grid-refrigerator, which can instead be used for salad material, food as it is used in the week vs. storage.
Boxes of food, canned for the prefab house.

I am not a dessert person, but embrace the savory. However, when I have leftover jam and fruit after canning, being southern, how can I *not* make cobbler?
Served warm and topped with ice cream...

And when I feed sailors, how can I not make a bunch o' spicy grilled pimento cheese sandwiches and cucumber sandwiches? Hummus? And lots and lots of seafood? That is the taste of summer.

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